January 31, 2016

Socked In

It’s snowing again!!!  Here in SW Colorado, we are at the western edge of the next big winter storm that is making its way over to the upper Midwest.  Even though we will be getting back down to 0 degrees a few nights from now, we will not have the many feet of snow, high winds or blizzard conditions that will occur east of here.  Whew!! 

Whenever an unexpected big weather event happens, or any other seemingly negative and unexpected life event occurs, the first human reaction generally is “Why now?  Why did this happen to me?”  I am talking about anything from something minor like a friend canceling a lunch date, to being stuck in the house for a few days which looks like I will be, to getting a cold and missing a few days of work, to something more serious like breaking a leg or even being diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Now, there are many reasons why these events occur, but since there is no such thing as an accident or coincidence, this must be a part of your life plan.  Your Higher Self and other higher aspects have created this incarnational experience for you.  In other words, you are the earthly extension of your Higher Self and are here to create and experience.  Everything that you experience here enhances not only the greater you, but aspects of everyone else that you are connected to. 

Your Higher Self does not intend to deliberately inflict difficulties on you just for the fun of it.  There must be a learning or experience that you need to get.  Since we live in the 4th dimensional realm of polarity, there is also always a corresponding positive to every negative.   So for every difficulty, there is a positive learning or a way out if you orient yourself to look at life that way.   You can fight against the difficulty, which only gives it more power, or gracefully make a shift to a different future possibility.

Quite often, we humans get so caught up with the distractions of life that we can literally start to veer off of our path.  Your Higher Self knows when this is happening, and will send you some subtle messages as a wake up and pay attention reminder.  If these messages are ignored, they will become more obvious in your physical world.  I firmly believe in the rule of 3’s.  The first reminder message can be gentle or subtle.  If ignored, the second is much stronger, and if that is ignored, the hammer really comes down with the third message. 

For example, say a person has been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, perhaps over doing for others while neglecting their inner work.  The first message may be a trip and stumble on a curb.  If that doesn’t get the message through to slow down and pay attention, maybe a sprained ankle would occur as the second message.  If that doesn’t do it, perhaps a slip and fall on the ice resulting in a broken ankle will do the job.  That would certainly keep the person at home and attending to what is going on inside of them! 

So, it really requires that you pay attention to these messages and act on them.  You have not been derailed for a random reason.  You are being asked to make a course correction.  Have you been too busy with “busi-ness”?  What about doing too much for others and neglecting yourself?  Not saying ”no” often enough?  Creating too many distractions in your life to escape your issues or your pain?  What about eating food that you know is not good for you? 

If you are on a spiritual evolutionary path, you may have also given your Higher Self the message that you will do anything this time around to resolve old stuff, drop that baggage, and make this your last lifetime on planet earth.  Believe me, your Higher Self will take that intent from you and create many opportunities for you to fulfill upon that goal.  Life may accelerate because of that, which means that you may need to pay closer attention so as not to miss any opportunity to clean up your act. 

Getting back to my snowy day, I do not bemoan the fact that I have to cancel some activities because of the weather.  No snowshoeing today!  I just ask my Higher Self to point the way to what I should be doing inside the house.  Today, it was writing this blog, cleaning out a messy kitchen cabinet, and taking some quiet time for introspection.  Also some reading, which I have very little time to do. 

There you have it.  When something happens that stops you in your tracks and appears to derail your plans, you are actually getting a message.  Stop, tune in internally, and ask to be shown the silver lining in your cloud.  It is always there.  Where should you be going or what should you be doing instead that is more productive and more in alignment with your true self?   Then go ahead and make your course correction.  See how that feels to you.  I bet it will feel pretty good to have listened and acted on the message that you received. 

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