January 4, 2016

An Alien World

In a recent post, I wrote about feeling like an alien, and not knowing where this feeling was coming from.  This feeling lingered and I was determined to track the cause.  Yesterday I went snowshoeing, and some of the information started to come in while I was out in the Ponderosa pine and scrub oak forest north of where I live. 

Now, some of you who do outdoor activities like walking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, or just wandering know how easy it is to get into an altered state while out in nature.  As I was “shoeing” along, I just put out the intent to connect to the place where the alien feelings were coming from.  When in an altered state, it is easy to be in 2 places at once, but not fully anchored in either so one can bounce back and forth.  It’s just a matter of focusing on a clear intent and then letting that go and being open to receive information. 

Some of this information came in while I was outside, and the rest came in after I got home and sat in meditation.  So here it is.  I found myself in an environment that was very bright.  The predominant colors were gold, peach and pale yellow.  These colors were gently swirling around like the aurora borealis.  The consciousness here was amoeba-like, and I realized that I was in an environment somewhere in the 5 through 7 dimensional range.  I wrote about how energy moves in these dimensions in a previous post entitled “Energetic Osmosis”. 

The whole feeling here was so very gentle and flowing, with the swirling, merging and then separating of these streams of energy.  There was also a group of consciousnesses here that appeared to be directing and creating sentient beings.  A lot of the beings being created had wings, and they did not hold to any permanent form.   They took form, drifted about, and then dissolved.  This was cosmic creation at play! 

I asked some questions.  Was this another galaxy outside of our Milky Way?  Yes.  Was this another universe all together?  No.  I could not detect any kind of sun the way we have.  There was no day or night, only the bright flowing environment.  From where I was hovering, the galaxy showed up as an extremely bright band of energy that encircled our location.  Everywhere you looked, this band was visible in the distance.  Because of the bright glow everywhere, I surmised that there was an abundance of stellar gasses, and that I was perhaps in a creative nursery or birthing place. 

This was also a female galaxy.  There was no polarity, as would be found in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, no templates, no matrix, and no DNA!  I had no feeling that any kind of AI or synthetic matrix had taken hold here. 

So why was I there?  It seemed that I was there as a sort of consultant to the creative process, probably because of my experiences in the earthly arena.  The creative process was in its infancy here and the consciousness beings were playing with some ideas.  After getting a feel for things, I made some recommendations.  First of all, do not drop down into the 4th dimension if you can help it.  4 D is a trap based on polarity.  Along with that comes the introduction of DNA to create the forms that sentient beings can use.  That is another trap that can also be taken over to interject unwanted distortions into those forms. 

Of course, staying in the 5 D to 7 D realms may not fulfill the creative purposes of the consciousness beings that I encountered, and they are free to go about this in their own way.  At least I gave them information that may help in their process.  It looks like they have eons of time to play with this, too, as time seemed not to exist in their realm. 

After experiencing all of this, I now feel more present, although in my split consciousness, I am still going back and forth to this realm freely, at least for now.  Even though I was there to give advice, I also took away that feeling of unlimited and free flowing creativity that is not affected by structure, matrix, polarity or DNA.   What a gift!  

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  1. Why everything is so connected? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Love You.