December 19, 2015

Winter Solstice Preparations

Winter Solstice is coming up in the northern hemisphere on Monday night December 21st at 11:48 PM Eastern time here in the US.  This annual event is by far the most significantly energetic point of the whole year.  I consider this to be my New Year, and it is the very best time to set intention for the year to come.  It’s also a time to look over the solar year that is coming to an end and do a review of what worked, what didn’t, and what needs to go so that it is not repeated in the year to come. 

As I start my year’s review, I find that at least related to recent events, I am assessing yet another friendship.  Now, my criteria of whether a friendship is working for me are probably very different from yours, but I highly value balance and a conscious give and take of communication and interaction.  There should also be mutual respect on both sides.  Again, that may be just me, and others may not be bothered much if they are doing more of the giving or catering more to the other person’s whims a lot of the time. 

Of course, the other end of this is taking responsibility for your part within the dysfunction of any relationship.  It takes “two to tango” as the saying goes.  So I will be looking at where I have felt used and how I colluded with that dynamic, where I failed to speak up, where I was in denial of things that happened, and where I gave my power away.  Is this friendship to continue on the same path?  Do I clarify my position, back up, or back off completely?   Have I been barking up the wrong tree altogether with this person?  Was I not clear from the get go of the role I was expected to play?   My intent for the New Year regarding this will be gain some much needed clarity and to create something new that is more in alignment with who I am and who I am becoming.

This is also the perfect time to do some sort of ceremony that will send your message out to the universe to be manifested for you.  I always prefer a fire ceremony, as burning the symbols of your intent and positive outcome is always the most efficient way to get the message across.  My Zumba teacher always says “I don’t care what you shake, just shake something”.  So I say to you, “I don’t care what you do, just do something”.  This date comes around only once a year, so do take advantage of this opportunity to clarify and shift your path if necessary.  I hope many of you will be attending some sort of gathering, but if not, do your thing privately.  I will be having a group here at my house on the 20th starting at 4:30 PM mountain time, so please feel free to tune in to us.  We should be outside for the fire ceremony about 2 hour after that, and that is where the real magic happens!  Happy Solstice to all!  

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