December 24, 2015

Dreamtime Action

The past few days, in fact, ever since the Winter Solstice fire ceremony here at my house, my dreams have been particularly vivid and lucid.  Now this could be because of the higher energy activation from the ceremony, or the approaching full moon on the 25th, or something else altogether.  Are any of you noticing this, or is it just me?

Normally, I do not remember my dreams, or if I do, I just don’t pay any attention to them.  When I do remember them, they are usually the dreams I have right before getting up in the morning and most particularly if I sleep in until 7:15 or so.  ;-) This morning I had a very vivid dream with a lot of action happening.  The one bit that really stood out was when I was gathering up some belongings and I happened upon a key that I had not seen before.  I remember holding it up and examining it closely.  It was about 3 inches long and all shiny metal with the top in the usual shape of a typical house key.   There were a few random numbers and letters stamped in the metal which did not seem significant.  The interesting part was that the part of the key that would normally be inserted into a door or lock was very straight and narrow, tapered down from the rounded top, and was about ¼” wide with no teeth on it. The tip looked very much like that from lightening plug that is used to recharge iPods. 

Somehow I knew that this was not my key, yet it had ended up in my possessions.  Later in the morning, I sat in meditation with the purpose of gathering information about this “gift”.  What was shown was that I could insert this key into any energy, including the human energy form, and it would give me access to the deepest and most closed off part of that energy.  I could then turn it and unlock that energy at its core.  Cool! 

Where did this gift come from?  Undoubtedly it came from some higher part of me to be used for the benefit of others.  It will certainly be used in my healing practice and any other place as appropriate.  So the lesson here is to pay attention to even the small things that happen and may be brushed off as insignificant.  This relates to the many requests I get from people who want me to connect them to their Higher Self.  People, we are always connected all of the time.  We just aren’t paying attention!  These signs and signals can get pretty subtle, especially when life is going along well.  Your messages may or may not come in dreamtime, depending on how you are oriented.  Develop your own system of receiving this very valuable guidance from your higher aspects.  We all have this ability, we just need to “unlock” it! 


  1. By the way, I love all your blogs and always read them usually before any other messages I receive. My husband and I also burned our written affirmations in a mini fire during the Winter Solstice. After that I also had a night filled with dreams,but couldn't recall any of them. I just felt restless and some anxiety.I am very curious about any other dreams. or energy shifts you may be experiencing and your next blog. Maybe 2016 will bring a lot of new changes for everyone,which I hope are for the best. I am really looking forward to your next blog.