December 8, 2015

Body Parts

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the “Tools for Transition” workshop on chakra removal this past Saturday.  We had a wonderful turnout with people from many parts of the world making contact through their video screens to have their chakras checked.  It was very heartwarming for me to see the faces of so many that I have worked with as clients and so many others that I was meeting for the first time.  Just wonderful!  I hope that the participants could also feel the joyful container that we were all holding for each other.  I know that I could still feel it the next day. 

I had an interesting conversation with a client yesterday that sparked questions about the different archetypes or energy patterns that are traditionally associated with various body parts or organs.  This is not the same as the physiological functions of those body parts.  For example, the liver is an organ that filters the blood, creates bile for digestion and produces cholesterol in addition to other functions.  Traditionally and energetically, if the liver is not running well, it can hold onto a tremendous amount of anger.  Well, there are plenty of other body parts that can hold on to anger as well.  Another example is the regarding of the right side of the body as male and the left side as female.  Many healing traditions use the archetype or energetic label of body parts, organs and glands in the diagnosis and treatment of various ailments.  Going along with the theme of removing the chakras, I am sensing that it may also be time to dump those definitions as well.

So if you take the restrictions and segmentation of the human energy form of the chakra system one step further,  we can also see how the energetic labels that have been put on the various body parts go along with the “category” that each chakra rules within its box or segment.  For example, the uterus in women is in the area of the second chakra which rules sexuality and creativity, and is often labeled the creative center.  Men do not have a uterus, so where is their creative center?  Especially if they no longer have chakras.  Ha!  Are these labels and categories part of the synthetic matrix, too?  Probably so, as they fit into the “divide and conquer” methodology of control. 

For myself, I have noticed that I have not been using the right side male and left side female labels for quite some time now.  The use for these definitions has just gradually faded away.  As we start to source more from the unity consciousness of our 5th dimensional core essence, polarized definitions and archetypes will also fade away gradually. 

There will still need to be some sort of way of defining the health issues of the various body parts or organs from an energetic point of view.  What about dialoging with that body part directly?  In my book “Traversing the Infinite Now” there is an exercise entitled “Give it Lips” where I write about how to talk to your body to get information about what is actually going on with it.  This way you can bypass the traditional labels and assumptions that have been used for so many years, and that may no longer fit you as an evolving human hopefully without chakras! 


  1. The seminar was a beautiful experience and I thank you for the container you held, and facilitating such a joyful time!

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