November 23, 2015

Tools for Transition Workshop Part 3

My next “Tools for Transition” for Rise Multiversity will take place on Saturday December 5th at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern time here in the US.  This is the third online workshop and will probably be the very most important one so far.  It is entitled “Chakra Removal: Your First Step in Attaining True Autonomy From the 4D Matrix”.  For a full description of this ground breaking workshop and to register, go here.
I removed my chakras about 3 years ago, and I consider this process to be essential for anyone who would like to make this lifetime their last on planet earth.  I will be giving a teaching on what the chakras are and the pros and cons of their function.  The participants will then be guided in a step by step chakra removal exercise so that those who would like to go for it can do so during the workshop.  I will then be available to check the success of anyone’s chakra removal during the Q & A portion at the end of the workshop, in addition to answering any of your questions that may have come up.  In addition, there will be a short tutorial on how to check chakras with a pendulum.  A metal one is always best. 

There are a few important points I’d like to mention.  I adamantly object to having someone else remove your chakras for free or a fee.  This is something that one has to do for themselves, as I will explain in the workshop.  My goal here is to make this very effective removal protocol available to anyone who would like to use it on themselves, or to those who would like teach others how to do so.  As always, I will start holding the container of higher dimensional energy several days ahead of time for those who register for the event.  There will also be some visuals involved, so if at all possible, plan on attending live, as these will be missed if you only listen to the mp3 after the workshop.

I am pretty excited about being with you on December 5th for this truly interactive event.  In the mean time, for those in the states, Happy Thanksgiving holiday to you.  We have so much to express gratitude and appreciation for in our lives, not only on this special holiday, but all year ‘round. 

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