October 4, 2015

From La Paz to Lake Titicaca

Our travel group of 17 people led by Julie Gullick-Wiley arrived in La Paz, Bolivia on September 19th.   After 2 days in La Paz, which included a visit to Tiwanaku, we drove across the altiplano to Copacabana on Lake Titicaca.  
Most of the area we were driving through had at one time been under the waters of the lake, which was once much larger.  We were literally inside the huge energy vortex of the lake while traveling, and as we were also around 13,000’ in elevation, it was quite a “heady” experience!

We dropped our luggage off at our hotel and went immediately to the dock to get on our boat for the trip over to the Island of the Sun, where we would spend 2 nights at an eco lodge nestled near the top of the island.  
As we boated across to the island, I tuned in to the energies here.  I have to say that this area is one of the most highly energized places on the planet.  In addition to the big energy vortex, there are many smaller ones, and also a variety of ley lines coming and going under the water and across the islands.  The 2 dragon lines that weave their way across the planet intersect here, too.  That only happens in one other spot on earth.  There are also tales of a solar disc that serves as an energy generator, and is located on the etheric levels deep under the water’s surface.  Sacred sites abound, not only on the islands but on the shore in both Peru and Bolivia.  The land and water within this energy field is vibrant and alive, and so are the people, plants and animals, at least on the Bolivian side of the lake!  
I started to notice that I was perceiving these energy structures, and the events and energies at the various sacred sites in a multidimensional way now.  It was like looking at a layer cake, with something different happening in each layer, but it was still a whole cake!  That also tells you how complex the energy structures of this area can be.  It all depends on where you are focused, what you notice based on your need to know and knowledge base, and your levels of perception.  Like playing multi-level chess, with everything happening at the same time. 

During the boat ride, I started tuning in to the Mama Cocha, great Lake Titicaca.  She said “I am the Great Mother, birthing many peoples and civilizations.  I am clean, pure and nurturing.  Tap into my energy to allow yourself to be cleansed, reset and born anew”.  My heart started getting very warm, even though we were chilly riding in the boat.  It occurred to me that there may be some volcanic activity deep under the bottom of the lake.  Or perhaps this was just the effect of the heightened energy here.  “Combust with heat, cleanse with water”.  Surrender to the process.  Sounded like a good plan! 

As I have stated before, it is good to have a strong intent for yourself when working in these high vibrational energies.  Since we would be staying on the Island of the Sun and doing a ceremony on the Island of the Moon for the equinox, my intent was to heal my inner masculine energy and balance and unite it with my inner feminine.  The lake told me that part of her job was to hold space for the healing between the male and the female.  It felt like being rocked inside a great nurturing womb space. 

We finally docked on the Island of the Sun, and were greeted by local ladies with donkeys to carry our small amount of luggage up the many steps to the lodge.  The sun was starting to set, and the magic was just beginning!  

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