October 27, 2015

Closing a Door

It’s been about 3 ½ weeks since I returned from Peru, and after working with a client today with a similar attachment to another place in South America, I realized that it is time to close that door and really get back to life in the here and now.  Not that I have been sitting around reminiscing about the trip, as I had the Rise Part 2 workshop last Saturday and the Quantum Sphere Healing workshop here the weekend before, so life has been busy.  In spite of those necessary distractions, I have had many flashbacks of the sights, sounds and even the smells of Peru.  This also happened after my previous 3 trips, so nothing unusual there.  
If one’s attention is split through similar attachments to places or experiences, it is hard to be completely in the here and now.  Sometimes it is a matter of simply pulling one’s energy back to the present, but sometimes it becomes necessary to sever ties with the place, person or experience all together.  This is usually the case with a previous job, relationship or residence that one will no longer be returning to. If this is not done, there can be a tendency to leave those back doors open as a fall back contingency in case things do not work out with the new path into the future.  If that back door is used, the person is going back into the past to something that didn’t work out in the first place instead of moving forward to something yet even more suitable. 

With a location that will be visited again sometime in the future, it is helpful just to pull one’s energy back and fully anchor into the present.  That is what I did a few days ago regarding my trip to Peru, as I would be happy to go back there at any time.  I took a day off and went to hang out at Mesa Verde National Park, which is very close to my house.  I did some hiking, people watching, and lots of photography, in addition to pulling my energy back from the trip.  Now I feel much more present and here.  We all need all of our “juice” to make every day the best it can be, and to steadily move into the future to whatever awaits.  This is especially important in these times, when we need to be able to turn on a dime to move forward in any way that we are called to.  We cannot afford any drag or drain on our energy fields!  

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  1. Thank you for the photos of Mesa Verde! I was there in '97 and felt not only awe at the infrastructure, but something akin to "homecoming". Now I understand what I couldn't have fathomed back then.

    Blessings and happy anchoring to you!