July 13, 2015

Going Home Part III

My last 2 posts entitled “Going Home Part I and Part II” have received a lot of attention and raised some questions from all of you.  So in this post, I will be clarifying some issues that have come up.  As always, take what resonates and leave the rest behind.  There is no one size fits all version of how one will transition after this lifetime.  There are many different options and paths in our future, and what I write about may not fit what is coming up for you.

I am also writing from the standpoint of someone who will transition totally out of this universe when the time comes.  Again, that may not be you right now, but it will certainly be you at some time in the future, because eventually, we all will be exiting this creation.  I suspect that at that point, our universe will fold into itself and cease to exist. 

The other day, I got an e-mail from a client asking to set up a QSH session with the theme of extracting her out of the 9th dimensional galactic matrix.  For the rest of you who think that I can do this, I assure you that I cannot.  Your Higher Self has created your incarnation here and set up the broad outline of your life according to a number of parameters.  One of these is the way in which you will be exiting the 3 D/4 D world when your time comes.  My job is to help people to re-member who they are and what they are doing here so that this lifetime can be as productive and complete as it can be for them.  It is then your responsibility to work your issues and raise your awareness levels so that your true spiritual path can be revealed to you. Also, re-member that you will be exiting along the same pathway that you took when you arrived here in the first place.  How easy is that? 

In a bigger sense, your exit strategy has already been planned by your Higher Self before birth, so that all you need to do is re-member it!  Someone who called in on one of George Kavassilas’ webinars with Rise Multiversity asked him how to know that they would be exiting this creation and “Going Home” at their transition time, and he said that you just know.   I agree.  It is an inner knowingness that comes from your deep connection with yourself.  It is no coincidence that so many people who are doing their work nowadays are single or have no children, and lead a more solitary life than is the norm.  All attachments must be released at the end, or else you may have come back another time to clear that up. 

You also cannot take someone with you when you go.  Where they will end up is their business, not yours, even if they are your children.  In “Going Home Part I”, I wrote about at one point looking back and seeing a stream of beings following me, much like the tail on a comet.  I was not carrying them.  I suspect that because of the resonating vibration, we ended up traveling together.  They had to buy their own ticket on that particular adventure.  That was no free ride! 

Here is a short recap of some of the ways of transitioning that I have written about.  Some will exit this universe altogether, others will reincarnate on a suitable 3 D planetary realm to complete their experiences.  Some will exit the 4 D synthetic matrix but won’t pass through the 9th dimensional Stargate Milky Way.  Instead, they may stay in dimensions 5 through 8 someplace else in our galaxy.  Some may transition out of their DNA, while others may merge with the heart of our Mother Earth and go with her.  Others, and I think that there will be quite a few in this category, will be harvested into the ET synthetic realities and go back to those home worlds. 

So it appears that my job is to recover and re-member the energetic modes of transition, and to imprint the mass consciousness with that information.  We are looking at the 100th monkey effect here, and once others are able to make use of this information, the transition will move along faster for everyone.  We will all be widening the birth canal for the others to follow!

(PS--Have you noticed that we are no longer in that stagnant non-moving planetary state that I wrote about a few weeks ago?  Full steam ahead!) 


  1. i think i am where i am supposed to be, but it would be good to re-member for sure....how do i find out more?...thanks

  2. Connecting with your inner guidance is always the best way. I have some great ways to do that in my book, "Traversing the Infinite Now" available through www.quantumstargate.com.

  3. Hi Carla, thanks for the session, I loved the part about me being a cartoon in the synthetic matrix. Funny how I love cartoons. Also, well on the journey, Jimmy
    PS Everyone should buy 5 books to give to friends. The practical shaman is good too.

  4. Jim, you are a hoot! Thanks for the book plug, too.

  5. Nothing is Absolute
    Nothing is Permanent
    Nothing is Infinite

    This is the Void, The Birthplace of all Creation, The Birthplace of Infinite possibility. Honor Your Light and Honor your Dark as they are part of you. Don't fear the Dark because you love the Light, they all have something to show, power within them you see.

    In the Void they are no Good neither there's Evil, same as Negative and Positive, Light and Dense, Water and Fire, Light and Dark. They are all merely Choices, Perceptions and an experiences.

    In the Void there is only silent and a truth, that creation itself is a Playground. So Go make what you will, Experiences what you want.
    For Nothing is Permanent.

  6. how are u able to do this? This is so amazing.. i'm empathic but i can leave my body at will like that. What city are you in... Could u please help me learn to launch.. as an indigo child i'm empathic naturally but i can't astral project or such.. i would love to communicate with u by email ms carla fox metts02@gmail.com :)

  7. Hello Steffen--This is not astral projection or leaving the body. My expanded consciousness visits these places. Our launching group has been at it for several years now, and we have built up our skills gradually. I do not train people how to do this, but you might want to look into the classes and audio resources at the Monroe Institute.