July 6, 2015

Going Home Part II

This post is a continuation of the previous one entitled “Going Home Part I”.  Each launchee takes one journey and then has the choice to stop there if the journey has been significant, or take a second one if there is a desire to add to the first one, or experience something different altogether.  It was my choice to go back and visit the home location, or Source to gather more information. 

My intent for the second journey was to find out how the creative process gets started from that level of everything and nothing.  I was very curious about this since there appeared to be absolutely nothing going on there!  After launching, I immediately went back to the Source location, where I just immersed myself in that wonderful pure and clean environment of inertia. 

Next, I applied my intent.  “Show me how the creative process starts”.  The environment around me started to move and form bubbles, almost as if it were boiling.  The words “chemical reaction” came to mind.  What got this action going in the first place, I still do not know.  Could it have been my intent?  Or another hidden force that applied its intent to create in this way? 

Every once in a while, this Source field of energy would spit out one of the bubbles.  After just a few of these bubbles were ejected, they started to interact and communicate with each other.  Now we had some action.  Individuated bubbles of energy had developed consciousness as a result of the need for communicating with others.  The next step was the development of their own intents for evolution and the creation of more complex energetic forms.  Once this part of the process really started going, the possibilities became endless.  Whole worlds and realms and dimensions were created all the way down to where we are now. 

As with all of the mapping that I do, this is just the start of bringing in information on the topic of home.   After all, if one does not have a map, it can be difficult to get to their destination!  I look forward to developing this theme even further. 

After I had finished my 2 journeys, our newest member of the group had her turn.  Something happened that I had never experienced with our group before.  While she was out there, I began to hear some noises in the house.  Subtle cracks and creaks that I dismissed as perhaps the wind kicking up outside, or the usual expansion noises as the house warmed up with the sunlight.  As soon as we brought our launchee back, the noises stopped.  I didn’t think anything about it until another member of the group said that our launchee had been throwing off spikes of energy during her journey.  She had manifested the sounds in the house!  So it seems that we have a diamond in the rough so to speak as far as our new member goes.  She has a lot of raw power at her disposal that can be harnessed in many ways.  I am really looking forward to working with her further. 


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    1. Hi Eden--So nice to have you in our launching group! See you soon.

  2. This is information is .. fascinating! Thank You! :-)

  3. How do I join a launching group?? This information is amazing!! Thank You!!

  4. The only one right now is here in my area. You can always start your own! I am toying with the idea of teaching others how to do this.

  5. Hi Carla,

    Thanks for posting the article. I just want know that when you visit home do you need light body to exit the earth matrix? As I am doing some energy work it will help me to know? Please reply.


  6. I do not use the light body concept, so cannot answer your question.