June 8, 2015

Another Milestone

Today marks another big milestone in the life of this blog.  I have just passed the 100,000 page view mark!  It is from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul that I thank those of you who have been keeping up with my writings.  It means a lot to me to be connecting to you.  As the crazy and exciting times roll on, I hope that the information that you receive from me will continue to be helpful for your own evolution.  Blessings to all! 


  1. Thank you, Carla Fox a lot. :) Blessings

  2. Congratulations...and thank YOU!

  3. Congrats Carla! I love sitting down and enjoying a cup of tea while reading your posts. I appreciate you sharing your experiences and perspectives. Thanks again :)

  4. Thank You Carla Fox :)
    And you was absolutely right about, not getting bored while
    reading your blog!!! It's just fantasti:)
    Thanks again! And of course a ---
    Big Kiss after sometime :)))