April 19, 2015

The Mineral Kingdom

Last week, I had a very nice conversation with George Kavassilas.  At the end of the session, he did some tuning in for any information that I needed to have.  There were several interesting bits, but the one that he emphasized the most was that I needed to journey and connect to the High Council of the Mineral Kingdom.  In fact, he insisted on it. 

I didn’t have time until yesterday morning to do what he recommended, and as these things go sometimes, before I had a chance to sit down and tune in, the information came flooding in as I was standing in my kitchen!  I was not aware of going to the Council, but in retrospect, I am assuming that it is located in the 9th dimension, at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  BTW—the Time Lords are located there, too.  Also, when I refer to the Mineral Kingdom, I mean that grouping that is neither animal nor vegetable, and is composed of elements from the periodic table. This kingdom exists in all realms that have some sort of physicality to them. 

Here we go.  This Council holds all of the templates for the material bodies in our universe.  These patterns permeate all space and time even if nothing appears to be in a certain location.  That really reminds me of the Quantum Field, which is in wave formation until intent is applied, then it shifts to particles.  In fact, this was the next bit of information.  When a force of consciousness is applied to this all permeating template, particles of energy from the surrounding space start to gather together to form a planetary body, star, galaxy, etc.  This can take eons.  In other words, the first matter that is created is always from the Mineral Kingdom. 

The composition of an element or specific mineral is always the same, and that contributes to the fixed nature of this kingdom.  There is very little deviation.  That may be why certain types of stones can “remember” what has happened to them and around them, especially if they are to be found at sacred sites, high energy places, or even places where war or violence have occurred on our planet.  They make excellent information repositories, almost as if they contain empty stacked cubes that are just waiting to be filled up.

I was also told that the High Council created and maintains the pathways that galaxies, stars, solar systems and planets take while traveling around in our universe.  Otherwise, all would be chaos and destruction.  When something does happen that seems accidental or chaotic, such as 2 galaxies colliding, it is always by design and there is a purpose behind that collision.  Much like what happens to us here! 

So I made note of all of this interesting stuff and went about my day.  This morning, I went hiking on one of my favorite trails and tuned in to receive more.  This trail wound around huge sandstone boulders, down into a canyon and back up to the top again.  Many spring flowers were in bloom, and the weather was close to perfect. 

More information—The Mineral Kingdom creates the platform for the other kingdoms to build upon.  It always comes first.  The Plant and Animal Kingdoms could not exist if it were not for the Mineral Kingdom.  The soul of our Earth Mother resides in a vessel created out of minerals!  For that matter, so do we.  So we owe our existence to this High Council and the continuous holding of intent and love for this grand creation. 

As I sat on a rock contemplating, it hit me.  Clearly, I have an aspect on this Council!  I have always been a rock person.  Inside my house and outside around the yard can be seen the many interesting rocks that I have brought home from my hikes and travels.  I have a collection of crystal skulls, and even my shaman’s mesa, or sacred medicine bundle, contains a dozen specially prepared stones.  I have been fascinated by the megalithic stones found around the world for many years now, and can read their energy when I am able to put my hands on them.  It’s like having a conversation with an old friend.  It is also my firm conviction that the multi ton and finely fitted stones that are seen in Peru, for example, were vibrationally softened and lightened to facilitate the carving and then levitated into place.  Perhaps I was one of the builders of Sacsayhuaman near Cusco! 

Suddenly, all of the sandstone boulders around me took on a more conscious nature as if they were alive in a human sense.  I felt honored to be in their presence, and will never look at a rock or boulder in the same old way again.  I will still need to journey to the Council and see what is up with that, but now that I have made a connection, more information will just pop in when I least expect it. 

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