March 17, 2015

The Long Road Home

Since I had decided to drive to my travel destination instead of flying, I now faced the long drive home.  Fortunately, I had the whole weekend to get back, so I split the trip into 2 days.  The interesting part is that, in total, I went from the lowest point in North America, which is Badwater Basin in Death Valley at 282’ below sea level, to my house in Colorado at 6350’.  It wasn’t all straight up, however!  As I drove through the Flagstaff, Arizona area, I hit an elevation of about 7400’.  So there was a big up and then the down into Colorado. 

Most of the trip was driven on the first day, and since there was no rush to get home, I did a slight detour and drove through Monument Valley on the second day.  The red rock escarpments and spires displayed a glorious contrast between the remaining snow from the recent storms and the deep orangey red rock.  Below is a photo I took as I left monument valley.  Enjoy!  

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