March 18, 2015

Shedding and Resetting

Since coming back from my trip, I have been getting the feeling that something big is coming our way.  Some big change.  I can’t tell you any more than that, partly because I haven’t had the time to meditate on it, and partly because I do not like making predictions.  We are not all heading in the same direction on the same path, so a big change will affect everyone differently.  Some in a positive way and some in a negative way, but all in an important way! 

To that end, I am getting really serious about eliminating people and activities that no longer serve me.  Some have fallen away already.  I have also decided to not put much effort into promoting my teaching, and will only be teaching here in Cortez once or twice a year for the foreseeable future.  As I look back on the many years that I have been teaching either shamanic studies or the Quantum Sphere Healing, much effort has been expended by me for the benefit of a relatively small number of students. I do not regret that, as change always happens one person at a time.  

I have also been teaching my own programs or facilitating for other spiritual organizations for more than 20 years now.  That is not to say that if someone can step up to the plate and gather up enough students, I will go anywhere in the US to teach.  Europe is out for now.  My focus will continue to be on my clients and assisting them in their evolution and healing.  That is where I have been the most productive. Also writing this blog.  That is a labor of love. 

So that is the shedding process that I will be evaluating and implementing for some time into the future.  On the plus side, we have an extremely powerful energetic window coming up on Friday March 20th.  Not only is it the date for the Vernal Equinox (first day of spring), but we also have a new moon and solar eclipse that will occur over northern Europe and the UK.  Check your calendars for the exact times for each in your area.  This will be the perfect opportunity for you to momentarily disconnect, reset and embark on a new path.  Do not feel that you have to have all of your shedding done by Friday, either, as that kind of activity takes time and thought. 

This energetic window is too powerful to pass up, so do take advantage of it.  I will be having a fire ceremony here at my house that evening.  This kind of ceremony is perfect for letting go of the old and intending for the new to manifest.  Feel free to create your own ceremony to honor the occasion.  At this time in our evolutionary journey, it seems to be very important for each of us to eliminate that which no longer serves, simplify our lives, and prepare ourselves for the future that awaits.

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