December 19, 2014

Winter Solstice 2014

We have a very momentous date coming up on Sunday for those of us in the northern hemisphere.  The 21st of December is the Winter Solstice.  This year, it is a very special date since we also have a new moon occurring at almost the same time.  The solstice will be at 6:03 PM and the new moon is at 8:36 PM, both Eastern Standard Time here in the US.  Please adjust these times for your time zone.

I consider the Winter Solstice to be the energetic start of the New Year.  It is a fabulous time to really clarify where you are going into the future and to firmly set your intent to make some big changes.  Coincidentally, the new moon represents a time of starting on a new path and planting seeds for the upcoming month’s endeavors.    With both of these events happening so close to each other, this creates a powerful opening for positive intent.  It feels to me that a portal into the future will open up, and all you need to do is to step through it! 

I recommend doing some kind of ceremony for this occasion.  It could be a singular endeavor, or with a group.  It may involve a special meditation or a fire ceremony.  I always recommend that your positive intents be written down and then burned.  This releases your intents into the quantum field to be manifest when the time is right.  Bottom line, do something!  This is an opportunity not to be missed.  And of course, have fun!  Be joyful and step into the New Year with a happy and loving heart. 

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