December 11, 2014

The False Feminine

As the regular readers of this blog know, I like to use my work with clients as a way of gathering information on what is happening to the human energy field.  If a new energy dynamic shows up, I’m pretty sure that I will be seeing more of it in the future.  In addition, I like to write about new findings to inform all of you as to what may be going on so that you can benefit from that information.

This past week, I worked with a client that has had about 6 sessions with me, and has made great progress with healing and evolving through her issues.  During her first session, it was determined that she had only a stub of a grounding cord coming off of her tail bone.  The grounding cord should be firmly connected from the tail bone into the center of the earth.  One of the goals of the healing process is to heal any issues that prevent a person from being connected in this way.

Well, at this last healing session, my client was indeed completely grounded and connected to the earth core.  There was something off, however.  As I have written about previously, when you are firmly connected to the heart of the planet via your grounding cord, it should feel like you are in the safest and most embracing womb space that you have ever experienced.  In addition to that, this connection enables a flow of patterning to come back up to you from the earth core.  This patterning is of an organic feminine and divine maternal nature.   It is also not restricted to flowing back up within your grounding cord.  It is more like a broad field of energy that comes up and envelops your whole body.  It should happen naturally, as it is not necessary to deliberately pull that energy back up, as many grounding techniques teach. 

I have experienced this return flow with myself and other clients, but it was not happening for this particular person.  After doing some tracking, it turned out that there were several layered frequency bands of energy that were allowing the connection to go down, but were preventing the return flow.  I can only assume that there are others of you that have this going on! 

What was the origin of these frequency bands?  First of all, this showed up to be a genetic pattern, but generated from where or whom?  It turns out that this blockage had been generated by what George Kavassilas calls the “false feminine”.  We chatted about this in our last conversation.  He said that as our Earth Mother starts withdrawing her energy to continue moving herself towards her completion and graduation, this false feminine energy has arrived to fill that vacuum.  Voids always call to be filled in, as this is part of the energetic set-up of our creation.  My sense is that this false feminine energy has its origin in the Reptilian Matriarch that also wishes to take over our feminine planet. 

I know that all of you are familiar with this false feminine energy.  You might label her as a man hater.  I use the term “Hitler in drag”, and George says “queen bitch”.  In Australia they say “chicks with dicks”.  Pardon my French!  I am sorry to say that every female spiritual leader that I have had interactions with has embodied this toxic feminine energy.  It is pushy, entitled, greedy and loves to attack those who do not submit to the agenda for her group.  You might want to examine where this shows up in your internal or external world.  We all have something like this going on! 

My addition to the dynamic of the disruption of the return flow from our Earth Mother is that this is a genetic patterning that affects many but not all at this time.  There is a tie in to the most recent posts about how the Artificial Intelligence is changing our DNA to meet its agenda for overcoming the human race.  We are being changed on many fronts here, as this is a last ditch effort to keep the herd (us) from breaking out of the corral, or you could say, separating us from our mother’s embrace to derail our return journey home with her. 

In the case of my client, I dissolved the genetic patterning that was blocking the return flow from the earth core, and she then started to receive that patterning on the spot.  What can you do if you are grounded but not receiving the return flow?  First of all, continue to run energy from your core essence into your pineal gland to clear your DNA.  More and more I can see that unwanted genetic additions or mutations can be installed at any time.  George is correct in that our DNA is the last barrier that is blocking us from attaining our completion and freedom from this arena.  When you ground yourself, if you do not detect that return flow, send a stream of energy from your core essence down into the earth where the frequency barriers have been put in place, and dissolve them, too.  This may take some doing, so perseverance may be required. It's do or die time, and any effort that you put in will be well worth your time and trouble. 

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