December 29, 2014

Medical Disclaimer

Energy healing can accomplish a lot in the way of clearing negative energetic imprints, but the least successful healing has been in the realm of physical disease or dysfunction.  I have worked on some clients who expect a physical problem to clear up almost completely after having had only one Quantum Sphere Healing session.  Unfortunately, these are the people who have the most complaints and who are unwilling to have more than one session or make the necessary changes in their lifestyles. 

Creating a medical disclaimer statement is probably long overdue but this is exactly what I did last week.  My first time clients will be receiving this.  If you as an energy healer wish to pass this out to your clients, please do so with my permission.  This will benefit everyone in their understanding of what energy healing can or cannot do for physical conditions.  Here is the disclaimer:

“All forms of energy healing, including the Quantum Sphere Healing, employ techniques that affect the human energy field.  This field contains imprints, or distortions, that have their origins in traumas that come from past lives, genetic inherited patterns, birth trauma, early childhood events, or entity attachments.  These patterns are what are shifted during an energy healing session. 
               There is always a change for the positive as a result of this kind of healing, although physical issues do not always shift as we would hope.  Energy healing heals the patterns behind the disease or dysfunction.  It does not cure the physical issue directly. 
               By the time the patterning settles into the body to manifest a physical difficulty, it can be very difficult to resolve, as the vibration of the affected body part has dropped down too low and does not rebound as we would like it to do.  At this point, other modalities should also be pursued such as traditional or alternative medicine, acupuncture, massage, dietary changes or even an increase in daily exercise. 
               I have seen many physical conditions clear up, however.  It may take multiple sessions in which the physical is repeatedly addressed along with the other issues at hand.  The heavy energy that has settled into the body is gradually drained so that the vibration of that part of the body can rebound to a healthier state."

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