December 7, 2014

Holiday Nurturing

During this time of year when, things can get a bit crazy, it is so important to take even a little bit of time for some self nurturing activities.  Depending on your lifestyle and family situation, it can be so easy to get carried away with all of the holiday parties, shopping or social obligations that one can end up on the other side feeling exhausted and resentful.  For those of you who are natural born caretakers, it is especially important to take some time off and just say “no” every once in a while.

Your self-nurturing activities may include taking some quiet time out for meditation and contemplation, going to the gym for a good work out, or getting a massage.  Time spent doing outdoor activity is always a good way to diffuse overwhelming emotions and return back to your true inner self.  Even shoveling snow will do the trick!

I do not celebrate Christmas.  The peak of my holiday season is the Winter Solstice.   That event marks the start of the energetic New Year when the days start to get longer in the northern hemisphere.  I have a fire ceremony at my house to honor the sun’s “return” into our lives.   This sacred holiday is a perfect time to set your intent for the coming year and actually marks the end of my personal holiday celebration.  

In the past few days I participated in two very fun and personally nurturing activities that kicked off my holiday season.  On Thursday night, Mesa Verde National Park held its annual open house.  Luminarias were put out around the Chapin Mesa Museum and also at the nearby cliff dwelling called Spruce Tree House.  What a magical night it was, with a misty fog adding to the ambiance.  In addition to enjoying the event which included live musical entertainment and delicious snacks, I was there to do my photography, which is one of my very most nurturing activities.

Last night I marched in the annual Cortez Parade of Lights with my Zumba group.  What a hoot!  We donned our belly dancing skirts, hung lights on ourselves, and danced our way down Main Street to the music of Pitbull’s “Fireball” and Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”.  The crowd loved it and so did we. 

These two activities were nurturing to me, but may not have been to someone else.  It is up to each of you to make the time and chose the appropriate activity for you.  In order to avoid holiday overload, this is a necessity.  Be kind to yourself! 

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