December 25, 2014

Flow Like a River

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, I made my annual winter pilgrimage over to Bluff, Utah, which is only about 75 miles west of where I live. This is a day for contemplation, some rock hunting, and sitting on the beach of the San Juan River.  It was a bright and sunny day with temperatures around 45°.  Very nice!

As I sat there listening to the babbling sounds of the running water, I asked the river for a message.  Here it is.  “Keep moving.  Keep seeking.  Keep resculpting your borders, your path, your destination.  Let the sun light up your peaks and valleys, your highs and lows.  Keep your life always fresh, clean and new.  Be willing to flow with change, knowing that you will eventually reach your destination—the Great Sea of the Consciousness of the All.”


  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful message. Happy 2015 Carla!

  2. Happy Solstice and New Year to you, Stefanie! Hope to see you again in 2015.