November 29, 2014

A Blank Slate

Are you a blank slate?  This theme has come up with several clients in the past few weeks.  I define a person as a blank slate when they do not project a strong enough energy field or persona that other people can read when making decisions on how to interact with them.  It is a natural human tendency to want to fill a vacuum.  When you are perceived as a blank slate, others naturally want to write on you! 

If you are a blank slate, you may find that you are misperceived, misunderstood, often told what to do, ignored or overlooked, or even accused of lying about something that you never even said.  Others will either view you as invisible or react with the other end of the spectrum by overlaying onto you their perceptions of who they think you are.  How very frustrating, especially if you have an inkling of how you want things to go and never achieve your desired result.  By the way, children for the most part are all blank slates from birth.  A whole host of distortions can occur within the family unit if mom or dad insist on writing on that blank slate in an unhealthy way.  The effects of that can last a lifetime!

In order for you not to be a blank slate for others to write on, several factors must come into play.   A strong persona must be projected energetically.  This has nothing to do with the words that are coming out of your mouth.  One can insist and insist and still not be heard or acknowledged.

The strong persona comes from knowing who you are at your core.  By this, I mean that you are embodying your healed and healthy inner state.  It means living a life of integrity.  If you are projecting your unhealed and wounded self, others will walk all over you.  This healing takes time and deep introspection, and also the willingness to speak up from your core truth when called to do so.  If this is not attended to, the result is a lot of confusion as to who you are in the world.  Others will take advantage of that.  So many of my clients have a lot of difficulty coming up with an issue for their healing session because they truly do not know who they are.  It can be a challenge for me at the start of the session not to interpret their issues for them, as that is not my job. 

One way to beef up your core identity is by making appropriate decisions when needing to make a choice.  Make all choices from a state of integrity and not a state of woundedness.  Say what you mean and mean what you say, and stick with your choice.  This is a very symbiotic exercise, as by making appropriate choices, your core identity will be strengthened.  At the same time, your stronger core will help you generate more appropriate choices.  They go hand in hand.  It goes without saying that a good connection to your higher guidance can help to direct these choices.  Also, pay attention to the decisions that are driven by your inner woundedness.  “I want this and I want that.”   Funny that I am writing this the day after Black Friday, where the wants of the ego reign supreme.  Black Friday has become a 3 day weekend affair, and has even oozed over into the UK! 

Most importantly, for others to acknowledge who you truly are and react appropriately to your energy, they must perceive it strongly.  This is strictly an energetic state which does not depend on the words coming out of your mouth.  It is something that you embody.  As you engage in deep introspection and make contact with and heal your wounded parts, your vibration naturally goes up and your core naturally expands.  Others will read this as your firm identity and will not feel the need to overwrite you.  They will know where you are coming from at all times.  You will not be messed with as much, if at all, by either humans or negative entities. 

I do believe that we as humanity are coming to a crescendo here on the planet.  There is an event on the horizon where we will be greatly challenged in many ways.  George Kavassilas and Robert Monroe have spoken of this in addition to many others.  When this time comes, we need to be firm in our core identities so as not to fall into someone else’s agenda for us.  This will be a great challenge for many, and many will not succeed in hanging on to who they are.  I encourage each of you reading this to continue your inner work and the clarification of who you are.  Be congruent, which means being the same on the inside as you are on the outside.  What you see is what you get.  Walk your talk and be a force to be reckoned with at all times!    

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