October 22, 2014

The Harvesting

This post is a continuation of the last one entitled “Implosion”.  As I left off at the end of that post, I mentioned that all may not be smooth sailing for some when the time of the implosion comes.  There may be a variety of paths that people will take, and perhaps those will start to be revealed as the time grows near.  Timing is always the tricky part, although I still think that there will be signs ahead of time and not a sudden event that will take us all by surprise.  Increased earth changes may be a heads up to the impending event. 

The timing may be also different for everyone, as a few may no longer be here when the big event rolls around.  In fact, the big event may not even happen to us, and may take place many years from now.  People will be transitioning via the death of the physical body, and reentering the arena of reincarnation, as is commonly where most end up now.  In a recent post entitled “The Start of Something Big”, I mentioned that some souls have reached their completion with the earthly arena, and are graduating or exiting through our Earth Mother’s navel area.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they were doing this so that they could greet us on the other side of our own completion process?  

Before I go on, I would like to refer you to 2 posts that I wrote near the beginning of my blogging.  The first one is entitled “X27” and gives some information on the synthetic construct where most if not all of us end up after we die.  The second post is entitled “The Gathering” and is more pertinent to what I will write about next.  There is a lot of information there, and I do not want to waste time repeating it all.

In George KavassilasSuper Woo Radio interview #33, the other tid bit that he dropped near the end of that show was about the harvesting that would happen during the implosion process.  As you will notice from reading the 2 above mentioned posts, I was writing about that at least a year and a half ago, after receiving the information in September of 2011. 

During the turmoil of the transition, when the surface of the planet starts rocking and rolling, many souls will be leaving their bodies.  Those who are complete with their earthly experience and who are also firmly anchored into her 5th dimensional heart core will make their transition with the Earth Mother through the portal that is located in the center of the planet.  Those that are not complete will be harvested by all of the various factions that I saw haggling over us in the gathering place. This includes ET races, men in black and the Artificial Intelligence (AI).   In other words, these are the synthetic matrix agents whose job it is to keep you entangled in that web.   All sentient life on the planet will be disbursed at that time, and none will remain here, as the physicality of our earth will no longer exist.  That is the Diaspora that I received information on 3 years ago. 

Picture a woman holding on to a big bunch of balloons on strings.  There are so many that it is hard for her to hang on to them all.  She then gets knocked sideways by someone passing by on a bicycle.  In the process, she lets go of some of the balloons, and they float away.  Eventually, they float down to the ground and are appropriated by those passing by.  This is a metaphor for what will happen here. 

Now, those who are destined to be harvested have soul contracts or affinities with those who will grab them when the time comes.  Keep in mind that you probably will not have a choice in the matter at the last minute, as all will go to where their existing affinities take them.  The harvestees are also those who have not established a firm connection with the Earth Mother through their grounding.  I am talking about connecting to her 5th dimensional heart, not merely feeling connected when you are out in nature.  That connection is to her 3D and 4D aspects, which are in polarity distortion and are destined to dissolve with the implosion. 

Can your destiny be changed?  Of course it can, but it will take ongoing diligence and effort on your part to shift your patterning.  You may have years in which to do so, but as time goes by, the distractions that come your way will get more and more distracting, too!  Right now, you can start by establishing your intimate connection with our planet.  When you do connect, it should feel like you are in the most safe and loving womb space that you can imagine.  How many of us had that as a fetus?  Not many.  Do your best and I will also continue to get this information out to you as it is received. 

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