October 15, 2014

The False Light Maze

In the course of my healing practice I work with many clients who currently are or have worked with other practitioners of various sorts in the past.    Believe me, I hear about some crazy stuff coming from these other practitioners in the way of endless clearings, repeated contact revocations, and exotic chakra removal methods to name a few.  Some of these sound so ridiculous to me that I wonder why people would bother with them.  I have heard from several people that a somewhat notable spiritual teacher hosted a recent gathering in which attendees spent the greater part of the week painstakingly removing their chakras and inserting poisoned decoys in their place.  Why, I wonder?  Chakra removal is a fairly quick and easy process for most people, taking no more than a half hour. No more need be done with them after they are removed.

Everyone on this planet is a combination of organic and synthetic energies.  I routinely find various aspects of my clients stuck in the synthetic matrix.  I have written much on this, but basically, when our soul entered the 4th dimensional arena for the first time, some aspects of it went with the organic path, and some with the synthetic matrix.  Some people are more synthetic than organic, as I have been finding lately.  That’s just the way it is.
This goes for healing practitioners and their various practices, too.  I know that most of them are of good intention and want the best for their clients, but since they are of a mix of organic and synthetic, as are we all, their practices can be a mixture as well.  So we can have well intentioned practitioners recommending some processes that are not supportive of the organic path.

It occurred to me just today that a lot of these methods would lead one into what I call the “false light maze”.  This light is false because it gives the impression that it is supportive of spiritual growth while the opposite is in fact true.  One can get trapped there and not be able to get out, working these processes on themselves or others for years with some pretty poor results.   I am speaking of self clearing exercises as well as processes that some healers use on their clients.  When I get a new client who tells me that they have had a lot of healing work done by various healers or have used a variety of methods on themselves, I cringe.  In almost all cases, they are an energetic mess.  I have to wonder, what have they been doing all this time? 

From my perspective, here are some of the signals that you may be working a synthetic matrix process.  Keep in mind that I am speaking in generalities here.  

Archangels, so called ascended masters or other discarnate beings are called in to help you.  They are agents of the synthetic matrix.  

The group that you may be involved with has a hierarchical structure, with the spiritual leader at the top of the pyramid.  Often this also involves a “special” label for the followers or a “club” of some kind.  We see that there are the haves and have nots in these groups and also an “us versus them” mentality towards those not in the group.

The recommended processes are primarily mental in nature such as clearing lists of contracts, vows, old agreements, etc.  This can lead to an endless cycle of addressing these over and over which is designed to trap the sincere seeker in the maze.  If the mind is allowed to be our master instead of a tool for our evolution, it can take over and sabotage the best of intentions.  One can loop through the clearing protocol over and over again with little to no results.  Frustration is the result.

If a protocol requires a lot of repetition over a long length of time, or if it is too complicated, you can become trapped!  Your energy becomes sapped and you live in a world of being distracted from more fruitful processes.  This is by the design of the synthetic matrix, as it is counterproductive to any real growth and evolution.  I am sure that the hope is that you will get tired of all of this so called processing and just give up on your personal work.    

The process that you are employing should be one that focuses you towards a positive instead of away from a negative.  Fear is a huge motivator and manipulator, and is especially used by the dark forces, ET’s and others aligned with the synthetic matrix.  It lowers your vibration, contracts your energy field and makes you more vulnerable to all sorts of things happening, including physical health issues. 

If you are using energetic protections, which are always fear based and use up your energy to keep them in place, this will keep you stuck in the false light maze.  They very rarely work.  The most fruitful way to know what you need to address next is by what is triggering your issues, so why would you want to suppress that inborn mechanism for personal growth?   Unfortunately a lot of people view this triggering as being attacked by something external to themselves when in actuality, this so called attack is really by their own energy! 

All of what I have written about is designed to keep you stuck, distracted and to keep your energy levels low so that you cannot raise your vibration.   It’s the perfect maze that one can have a hard time getting out of.  Not impossible though!

The organic path relies only on you, your natural guidance systems, and your higher aspects or Higher Self.  Practices and processes focus on moving your energy, feeling your emotions and vibrationally moving towards a more expanded state.  You are ideally connected to your higher source energy as well firmly anchored into the Heart Core of our Mother Earth.  When you ground into her heart, it is an energy movement exercise and not a visualization. When one is grounded, it should feel like you are being supported inside the most nurturing womb space ever imagined.  Feel is the operative word here!  When your core essence is expanded, you are totally in your higher dimensional heart space and at one with all.  Fear and judgment do not exist in this space.  Make this another energy movement exercise and not just a visualization.  Expand your core essence using your breath like you are blowing up a balloon. 

I hope all of this information has been helpful, especially for those who have been working their processes for a long time with very little to no results.  The key is embracing yourself at your core listening to your inner guidance and moving your energy. Feel the joy!


  1. Great post Carla! You've explain it better each time, especially with the grounding and core essence work. I admit, I feel like doing QSH sessions on myself take a lot of energy and "work" - feeling like I need to sit down for an hour and thus I don't bother.

    I know what you mean about feeling drained of any inspiration to continue personal development work, that explains how I have felt lately, but I'm also going through a very rough time with triggers galore. Sometimes it's sensory overload with blogs, books, and spiritual advice everywhere I look. Your post helps me realize that I don't need to rely on those to stay inspired.

    Maybe I'll just try to do regular, shorter, sessions of just grounding and core essence expansion. Something I can do in 5 minutes.

  2. Hey Jeff. Whatever you do will be perfect for you. It was delightful having you in class, and I wish you the best with what you are going through right now. You will come out the other end a better person for it all!