October 26, 2014

Dark Force Entity

I’d like to write a bit about the dark force entity, or DFE for short.  This is something that I run into every once in a while in my healing practice.  You may have run into this, too, whether you are a practitioner of any kind of healing work, an out of body traveler, or an experienced mediator.

A DFE is an energy being that has never had an embodiment in a 3D form.  Because of this, it needs to occupy a human body, an earthbound spirit, an ET or even a person’s aspect from a past life.  Its mission is to make as much trouble as possible by causing addictions, excessive anger, murder and mayhem, in addition to pulling in more dark and troublesome energies to itself and the being it inhabits.  I have come to the conclusion that the DFE is an agent of the mind entity that rules the synthetic matrix.  The negative energy that is created by all of this trouble making provides food for this mind entity. 

My tip off that I am dealing with a DFE is that the being that is “possessed” by it has red glowing eyes.  These are unmistakable, and I am sure that many of those who do energy work have run into this phenomenon.  Sometimes I can tell how and when the DFE entered the energy body, but most of the time, not.  The main point to remember is that it doesn’t belong there and must be dealt with. 

Before you do any other processes, this DFE needs to be removed.  I have based my removal technique on the method that Dr. William Baldwin writes about in his book “Healing Lost Souls—Releasing Unwanted Spirits from Your Energy Body”.  It is an excellent book, although Dr. Baldwin comes to his techniques from a background in psychotherapy, and does entirely too much verbal dialoging with these spirits for my taste. 

So this is what I do, plain and simple.  As soon as I detect that I am dealing with a DFE, I stop what I am doing, and call in what Dr. Baldwin calls “Rescue Spirits of Light”.  I ask these spirits to encapsulate the DFE, which often involves pulling it gradually out of the body that it is inhabiting.  I observe the process, making note of where the DFE is rooted in, as this is always the last part to be pulled out by the rescue spirits. 

These helper spirits then encapsulate the DFE and float it away to a place where it can be dealt with and healed.  I do not know where this is, and just trust that this will be done as I proceed with the rest of the QSH session.  If you read Dr. Baldwin’s book, he goes into a great amount of detail on this process.  I have found that my bare bones version has the desired effect anyway and only requires a bit of expertise on your part and the trust that you will achieve your desired result.  

An interesting side note on this phenomenon is that up until earlier this year, I had not run into a DFE that was inhabiting the body of a client.  They were mostly possessing earth bound spirits, other entities and ET’s.  Just recently, I have found them inside the bodies of a few of my clients after noticing the red eyes staring out at me from the patterning of the client’s etheric field.  Is this just coincidence or is more of this showing up now that the push is on for us to attain our freedom and autonomy?  Time will tell.  The main thing to remember is that if you detect one of these beings, just use the simple technique that I have outlined, and trust that all will be taken care of. 

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  1. Thanks for another insightful post.

    I dont think its coincidence that were seeng this kind of being more,i think the,ve always been there in the background,its just kind of the light pushing them to our awereness moe,plus our awareness is getting so much deeper and clearer.

    Which given all were dealing with these days can only be a good thing..phew:-)

    Thanks for the technique ime going to use when i have any clearing to do.