June 8, 2014

Past Lives?

This is a topic that I have been kicking around for some time.  Past lives.  In both my shamanic healing practice and with the Quantum Sphere Healing, I encounter the negative effects from past life traumas that continue to impact my clients in the here and now.  During the healing session, these traumas are removed and a positive energy is put in their place.

First of all, let’s define what a past life is.  From the standpoint of where we are in the 4th dimension, we are working within a system of linear time.  In other words, past, present and future.  A past life is one that an individual has lived in the past and on planet earth.  Of course, we have embodiments on other planets, solar systems and galaxies, but I do not put those in this category.  The traumas from these past lives can cause trouble in this one that can manifest as physical, psychological or emotional difficulties.  If we look at this situation from outside of time and space, all of these lifetimes are happening all at once and we can manifest a variety of symptoms from several of these at the same time.

When I was primarily doing shamanic work in my healing practice, not too many past life traumas were showing up.  The genetic inherited issues were always more prominent.  That led me to believe that each individual had many fewer past lives on planet earth than most people think we do.   

When I transitioned over to doing mostly the QSH in my practice, all of a sudden, I was seeing more past life traumas that were manifesting in my clients.  This has proven out over time and I have come up with a theory.  When working in the quantum field, a much bigger scope of information is accessed for the client.  That does not mean that more past lives that fit the above definition just show up when they didn’t before.  It does mean that a “bigger” totality of the client is being accessed. 

A person’s higher self orchestrates and coordinates all of one’s lifetimes on the earthly linear timeline.  The higher self exists in the 5th dimensional frequency range.  In addition, we all have aspects of ourselves that connect us back to the source of All That is.  We have an oversoul, which is a conglomeration of many higher selves, and also a monad, which is a conglomeration of many oversouls.  Some might relate these structures to soul families.  Common vibration, purpose and affinity create these groupings so that they feel like bigger versions of ourselves. 

I feel that the reason that more past lives are showing up with the QSH is that the people here on earth and in a body at this time are actually clearing past life traumas for other aspects of their oversouls and monads that may not be in a body right now.  The QSH process allows me to see more of what is gong on in this regard.  Pat yourselves on the back because you are doing yeoman’s work for the greater you!

Quite a while ago, I came to the understanding that during this time of transition, those of us who chose to be here right now would become the focus for all of our other parts. These parts would withdraw somewhat to allow us to have all of the resources and energy of our greater whole so that we could complete our mission for the rest of “us”.    Our aspect in the here and now would then be able to take the rest of our higher and bigger parts through the transition.  It will be a grand domino effect at play!  Imagine the huge change throughout the various worlds and dimensions when this starts to happen.

So to those of you who have chosen to take on a very heavy load this time around, there is a reason for it.  Life may seem tough and obstacles insurmountable, but there is positive purpose for it all.  You are the focus for the greater “you”.  The transition will start with you in the here and now.  That is why it is ever more important to do your work as best as you can.  Be present, grounded and in your body at all times.  Pay attention to what is going on around you on the inner and outer planes.  You are the first domino that will tip. 

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