April 11, 2014

Tale of the Timeless Blanket

A few days ago I realized that I had to get over to Durango to pick up a few things for my upcoming trips.  Durango is about twice the size of Cortez and about 50 miles away.  There are much better shopping options in that town and at their very small mall.  I say better and not best, because the stores in the “best” category are about 80 miles away in northern New Mexico, and that is not even considered best by big city standards. 

Anyway, one of the things I wanted to get was a small lap blanket.  I wanted to replace the one I had been using with something lightweight and cooler as the weather here is starting to warm up for summer.  My plan was to just pick the best out of the limited choices that we always have here.

That night, after getting into bed, the vision of my new blanket started to manifest.  We all go through a twilight state before the deeper sleep state starts.  This is also the state where out of body experiences are common.  At the Monroe Institute, it is called Focus 10, “mind awake, body asleep”.  This is commonly not the point in the night where lucid dreaming takes place, either, so what I experienced would not fall into that category. 

So, as I lay there settling down, an image of my blanket popped up.  The one I saw had a very dark blue background with designs on it in muted tones of brown, gold, blue and orange.  It was made of a very nubby fabric and had a thick fringe all around.  I could actually physically feel the coarse nubbiness of it and assumed that it was made of cotton.  Perfect, I thought! 

All through the night the blanket kept showing up, and I kept physically touching it.  My sleep state must have been lighter than normal as I generally don’t even remember much of my dreams.  The presence of this blanket was so solid that I actually remembered using it.  At one point, I even said to myself “I don’t have to bother to buy it. I can just go to my closet and get it out.”   I even saw myself doing just that.  Yes!  That will save me some time and money.

By the time morning rolled around, I was not so sure.  The memory of having and using the blanket was rapidly fading.  I checked the closet in question, and sure enough, the blanket was not there.  If it had been there, this would be another discussion altogether!

Yesterday, I went over to Durango for my shopping. I was just trying to find a suitable blanket, not scouring all of the stores looking for the one in my nocturnal experience.  At Bed, Bath and Beyond, I found the blanket in the above photo.  They only had 2 choices, with the other one depicting the state flag of Colorado.  Not what I wanted.  The interesting thing is that the view that you are seeing is the back of the blanket.  I did not see the back until I got home, as it was folded up in a plastic bag with only the front side showing.  I’d say that the one I got is pretty close to what I envisioned down to the colors, nubby fabric and thick fringe.  BTW, the letters you are seeing spell out the state’s most popular ski resorts.

There are several possibilities here that would explain this very interesting event.  The first would be a precognition of a future event.  This can be tricky because our future informs our present and my desire to have that blanket in the present could have been created by actually purchasing it in the future.  That would not explain the sense of touching it and using it, though.    

What if I actually own that blanket in a co-existing reality?  An aspect of myself that exists in another parallel reality somehow made contact in dreamtime and might have also affected my desire for that particular blanket in the now.  I had no idea what kind of blanket I wanted until it showed up when I went to bed that night. 

Did I manifest it at Bed, Bath and Beyond so that I would see it when I went into the store?  Perhaps.  It would have been even freakier if I had gone into my closet the next day and found it there.  Maybe the message is that I should visit one of the ski resorts listed on the blanket in the near future.  So many possibilities!

Bottom line, timelines are merging and so are aspects of self that exist in other realities.  Time as we know it is going away. That is as it should be, but it may be very confusing to a lot of people.  If you are grounded and in your body and solid in your core essence, you will be able to roll with these kinds of events when they come up.  Have fun with it!  I plan on enjoying my very suitable blanket and the memories that have come with it.

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