February 12, 2014

Through the Black Hole

A few days ago I finally devoted some time to do something that I should do more often.  I sat in contemplation and took a journey with my Higher Self.  My theme is always something like “show me something about myself that I need to address”, or “take me to someplace new”.  I am never disappointed. 

The most effective way for me to take this kind of journey is to first put on a sound track that puts me in a relaxed and altered state.  This could be either with Hemi-Sync® or SAM™, with or without accompanying music or nature sounds.   I then go through a variation of the Quantum Sphere Healing process where I meet with my Higher Self and ask my question.   This time, I asked to be shown something about myself that I needed to be aware of. 

A black hole inside of a small square was presented to me.  My HS dove into the hole and I quickly followed.  It was more like a worm hole or tube like affair than just a plain hole and it seemed to take forever for us to go through and pop out the other end.  Once through, we were floating out in space but still able to see the earth far away. 

I found myself in the presence of a council of some sort.  It quickly became obvious that the beings that were there were orchestrating the patterns of lack and limitation, domination and control for humanity on our planet.  There was a lot of discussing, debating and arguing going on.  What was the newest and most effective way to put the screws to humanity this time, they argued.  These beings were creating more ways to apply the synthetic matrix to our reality.

Energetically it looked like there was a thick black fog surrounding our planet.  The council was generating threads of black energy that hooked into this fog.  Right away this reminded me of the post on the “low dark ceiling” that I wrote this past December.  If you recall, I described this ceiling as having a matrix like patterning to it.  It was my sense that these threads were hooked to this patterning within the dense black fog. 

On the positive side, I could see areas where the fog had thinned and bright light was shining through from earth’s surface.  The council members were trying to patch those holes but having limited success.  Yeah!!!   More arguing ensued.  A few days after the dark ceiling post I detected a dramatic lifting of that heavy oppressive energy.  My thanks go out to all who followed the directives on lifting and dissolving that energy.  I can only surmise that the bright energy that was pushing its way through the still present heavy layer had been generated by humans continuing to work to dissolve it and free humanity from the synthetic matrix programming.

At this point, I asked my HS how this scenario applied to me.  The first thing that she said was that one of my ongoing jobs here was to continue to unhook myself from the matrix and at the same time increase the size of my “light hole”.   The second piece of information was a surprise.  My HS said that I had an aspect on that council!  No wonder I was drawn there to take care of some business.  This aspect was a male and a Sirian rebel.  Very dark-hearted.  Eons ago his job assignment was to inject certain patterns of enslavement as he tinkered with the human DNA.  This was a long term plan that was to come to fruition during the recent few thousand years. 

I then faced that aspect of myself and from the core of my being, told him that I honored and appreciated his role in the human drama and his role in my life, but that his job was now finished.  His dark core dissolved and he dropped his threads of dark energy.   As he turned and left the council I had the distinct feeling that he was relieved to be released from that job.  He was free to move on to other adventures. 

I returned to present time and noticed that the black hole was no longer in the center of the square.  It had been sealed off.   Mission accomplished.  I think that it is important to realize that we don’t need to know exactly what the energetic distortion is that we are presented with.   If something shows up in our face, that means that we need to at least do something with it.  Acknowledge it, engage it, move it around, forgive it or love it but don’t ignore it. Keep the energy moving.  If you snooze, you loose! 

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