February 6, 2014

The Still Small Voice

I am still processing my recent trip to California, and would like to write about another theme that came up during the trip.  That is, being able to listen to the still small voice within, or in other words, your inner guidance.  This is something that I try to do every day, but sometimes life gets very busy, and I don't make the time.  I am sure that this has happened to you, that you get a hit to do something or call someone, you ignore it or forget, and then some time later, you realize you have missed the boat by not listening to that guidance.  Hindsight is wonderful, isn’t it? 

This inner guidance seems to make itself known in several ways.  The first is during the quiet contemplation or meditation time that everyone should set aside every day.  I will have to admit that I have not been doing this as often as I would like to, and will remedy that situation shortly.  The contemplation method is my favorite, as I can pose a question or dilemma, get nice and relaxed and quiet, and allow a stream of information to flow on in.  Often, I listen to either a Hemi-Sync® or SAM™ CD to facilitate this process.

You may find that an answer to a question will pop in when you least expect it, usually when you have turned your mind away from the question to something else, or in an altered state while driving or walking outside.  That answer will pop into the empty space between conscious thoughts.  This is where it can get tricky, as you still need to be paying attention when those spontaneous answers show up.

Messages will come in as coincidences (no such thing!), synchronicities, or accidents (all are pre-planned by your soul, so not accidental, either).  Look to the coincidence or synchronicity as your guidance’s way of showing you something that you need to see or experience.  That is gentler than having an accident or getting seriously ill, which is when your guidance hits you with a sledge hammer to get your attention!  Its unfortunate to have something like this happen, but there are still  nuggets of gold to be mined from a negative experience. Turn the lemons into lemonade as the saying goes. 

Unfortunately, because of the vast number of humans that are still asleep at this time, guidance is generally ignored by many.  Life can be very busy, and the distractions can be almost constant.  Each person owes it to themselves to take a daily break of quiet time, no matter how short.

We can also override or ignore our inner guidance in so many ways.  Living a life of rote habits can do that, whether those habits are a result of rigid daily patterns that we do not feel we can modify, or addictions that constantly urge us to eat, drink, smoke or ingest a certain substance even though we know that these things are bad for us.  I was recently a witness to a friend’s very lengthy daily morning routine that, if it was changed or disrupted, was cause for going into a tizzy!  Certainly any inner messages would not be able to get through under those circumstances.  In my case, I take a fair number of supplements, but not all of them every day.  Guidance always kicks in to direct me to the important ones that I need to take. 

What about codependent relationships that focus one’s attention to “the other” instead of taking care of our internal business first.  How about a job that not only requires your full attention while you are at work, but also distracts you when you are at home with thoughts and plans for the next work day.  The examples are endless!

How do you know that your guidance is giving you information that is for your own best interests?  Let your body add its signals to the mix.  If your solar plexus (the BS detector) is sending alarms, take a look at the guidance.  The information may not be coming from your highest source.  You can also think about the change that you are about to make or the guidance to follow and feel how it resonates with your core essence.  If you get that warm and fuzzy feeling, you are on the right track. 

Occasionally, you may feel that you have followed guidance that has taken you down the wrong path.  Keep in mind that guidance can also lead you to a tough lesson that needs to be learned.  As time passes, you will find the nuggets of gold that were contained in every situation that you were guided to experience.  Mine the gold and treasure those experiences. 

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