February 9, 2014

Mark Your Calendar

Mark your calendar for Saturday night February 22nd at 7 PM pacific time/10 PM eastern time here in the US.  I am going to be interviewed on Lance White's internet radio show at www.afiresidechat.com.  The show will be one hour long, and once you are at the site there will be a button on the left side of the page to click to listen to the show.  If you miss the show, you can catch it in the archives once it is posted. 

This will be my first radio interview ever and I am pretty excited.  Lance has interviewed George Kavassilas numerous times, in addition to all of the notable personalities who are on the alternative radio circuit.  In other words, he knows just about everyone! 

Lance has also set up a web site where you can access the 20 YouTube interviews that he did with Andrew Bartzis.  The site is www.galactichistory.com.  In addition to the videos, which are free, he has made available the transcripts for all of them, which he spent months laboriously working on.  These are more than just words on a page, as he has added some very fascinating photos and graphics to the text that really emphasize what Andrew was talking about.  Word is that Andrew has "gone underground" so what Lance has assembled on this site may be one of the only records of this very interesting information.  There is a nominal charge and it is well worth the price. 

I do not know what we will be talking about during the interview, but I like Lance's style, so it is bound to be interesting.  Tune in and enjoy! 


  1. funny, i was thinking how much i would love to hear you and george kavassilas in conversation on his show too! look forward to hearing your interview on the lance white show.


  2. I am glad that you will be listening!