January 18, 2014

In The Groove

There was a wonderful guest on the Saturday January 11th show on Coast to Coast AM.  His name was Richard Alan Miller.  Generally I am behind on catching up on the shows and listen to the podcasts only once before deleting them, but this show deserves a second listen. 

Of the many gems of wisdom that he delivered, this one stayed in my mind.  Miller said that if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, the universe will cooperate with you.  You will have support that will come to you in a variety of ways and your path in life will bear fruit.  My version of this is that if you are following your soul’s plan, you will be in your groove and life will go smoothly.  Long ago I decided that if something was too much of a struggle, it was not meant for me, and it was time to give it up.  Not that stuff won’t happen and lessons won’t have to be learned, but as you proceed further down your path, you will have developed more tools to work with situations as they come up.

Now, this does not mean that you will be fabulously rich or famous when you are in your groove, although for some, this might be the case.  There should be a sense of peace and accomplishment, and a real knowing of who you are at your core.  Struggle does tend to happen when the ego’s wants are in charge, instead of the soul’s needs.  I also had to caution a client last week about letting her mind run away with the analysis of her issues.  The mind will fool us every time and I don’t consider that kind of feedback to be very reliable.

So how do we steer ourselves to what we are supposed to be doing?  One way is to use our body’s innate knowingness to guide us.  As Richard Miller said, decisions made with the gut are outside of space-time and are always correct.  Wonderful!!!  We do have brain cells in our gut that receive and analyze input.  We then get the result of that in the way of body sensations in the midsection.  Everyone has heard phrases like “butterflies in the stomach or stomach tied in knots”.   What about actual physical feelings like nausea or queasiness?  If you are connected to your body’s consciousness, you will get signals like these when something is off, or in other words, if you are straying off of your path. I always call the solar plexus the body’s BS detector!  What a wonderful built in tool we all have.    

Here’s another phrase that I heard years ago.  “The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your version of reality”.  If someone thinks that something is so, then that will be reflected back to them regardless of if it is true or not.  So you see how tricky things can get if the true self and the body are not connected to deeply and listened to.  The mind can cook up all sorts of scenarios that may not be valid but that will manifest anyway.  I also know many people who spent years of their life going down a path that was not theirs to tread and ended up hitting a dead end, especially if they’ve followed certain new age spiritual groups or teachings. 

So learn to make choices by listening to your guts.  There may come a time when that will be the only resource you will have to make a decision. 

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