January 9, 2014

Caesarean Births

For all of the humans on this planet, the circumstance surrounding their birth always plays a major role in how they deal with life from that point onwards.  I am talking here about the actual physical birth process with all of its drama, trauma, medical malfunctions, long labor, or on the other hand, the natural birth that comes off without complications.  Aside from the physical aspect of the birth, we can add to this any violence or accidents that the mother experiences while pregnant, health issues of the mother or fetus, thoughts of an impending adoption, unwanted pregnancy and a whole host of other issues.  It’s a wonder that any of us come out of the womb in a “normal” state, whatever that may be! 

Whatever energetic pattern that is experienced at one’s birth gets imprinted on the baby and then dictates how that person approaches new things, works through problems or trusts others to name a few.  The pace at which they deal with life can also be imprinted. Let me give you an example.  If the mother experienced a very fast birth, that baby, and then adult, may approach life at top speed ignoring many of the subtleties and hidden aspects of life that they need to pay attention to.  Or, on the other hand, that person may spend their whole life trying to put on the breaks and go slowly because that original trauma freaked them out! 

In my healing practice, I track back to the moment of birth if necessary, and make energetic corrections.  Then, I drag the new healed state forward to the client’s energy field in present time.  It’s like redoing the whole process so that the person can move forward with a new patterning. 

The byproduct of traumatic births can be fairly obvious, but this week I worked on a young man who was born via Caesarean.  I had often wondered what the life imprinting of this type of birth would look like in a client, and it certainly proves to be much more subtle while at the same time just as dysfunctional.  This client is in his late 20’s, whereas most of my clients are much older than that.  Caesareans have become much more popular in the last few decades, so I suspect that I will be seeing more of this in new clients.  I have encountered just a few up to this point. 

I would not necessarily consider this kind of birth traumatic, depending on the circumstances, but there is an imprint nonetheless.  The birth for the baby is probably very easy if the mother is not in distress.  Imagine being gently lifted out of the womb and going through whatever they do to babies right after birth.  No muss, no fuss, no struggle.  Sounds nice but here is the problem.  This young man is floating his way through life.   He has an idea of what he would like to achieve, but it is not very concrete.  His free time is spent running with his dog, hanging out at the beach with his buddies, reading a book, and trying to keep his veggies growing in his garden.  He does not like his job, but is hesitant to look for something more suitable, if he even knew what that was.  Engaging deeply with life is a problem for him. 

Now, there could be other reasons for this way of life, but this all makes sense to me.  It’s not that there is anything very wrong here, but it doesn’t seem to be a very interesting and exciting way to live.  There is much dissatisfaction and discontent, but not the energy and passion to shift that.  My sense is that the normal birthing process with its pushing and yelling, excitement and anticipation, is what imprints the baby with the passion and energy for life and the motivation to move forward in a dynamic way as they grows up.  With the Caesarean birth, the baby misses out on that imprinting. 

I will be on the lookout for more clients with this issue to see if there are commonalities. This may come sooner than I think, because in the next week, I have 2 new clients that were born within several months of this young man, same year.  Now what kind of coincidence is that? 

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