November 19, 2013

More Core Essence

This is the second post I am writing about some of my experiences at the Conscious Presence workshop that I attended at the Monroe Institute last week.  As I had previously mentioned, I had the opportunity to deepen and broaden my understanding of several areas of interest while I journeyed through the Quantum Field via the SAM™ technology that was used in this particular class.  There were 2 fellow students who had never taken a course at TMI before in addition to the rest of the class who had experienced at least one program featuring the Hemi-Sync® Technology that was developed by Robert Monroe.  Because of the nature of the SAM™, each and every one, novice and expert alike, got their “wow” moments, as one participant described it! 

During an exercise a few days into the program, we were guided to 6 different viewpoints of a topic we wished to explore.  I decided to get a better understanding of the energetics of my core essence.  As you will recall from the post on this 5th dimensional energy field that we all have, I had previously described it as a glowing globe of light with its core in our chest right behind the heart area.  As I traveled into my own body to find this core, I realized that it truly is in the center of the body between the spine and the sternum, not anchored to the spine as a chakra would be. 

The second insight came when I saw that it is actually a rotating tube torus and not the more static golden globe that I had always seen.  The center of this rotating higher dimensional body of energy is a multidimensional portal.  Well then, I thought, of course!  If we are the microcosm of the macrocosm of our planet, sun, and Milky Way Galaxy, then it stands to reason that we would have that portal inside of our core as they all do.  I have known for years that one can travel very quickly from star to star or planet or galaxy via this multidimensional highway, but only surmised that a human could do this by traveling to the earth core and accessing her portal first.  Now I know that that is an unnecessary step.  But how to use our own built in portal?  That’s the question.

The next viewpoint involved backing up from my body and getting a look at what the expanded core essence looks like.  Its golden/white energy is the strongest at the center, and fades gradually as the core essence expands.  The “skin” of this bubble can always be seen, no matter how expanded it gets.  With Christmas coming up, I wouldn’t be surprised to find a clear glass ornament with some sort of light bulb inside that looks like this. 

As I backed up even further, my intent was to see only the energy structure of the expanded core essence, and not the physical structure of the body.  Backing up even further revealed a universe of millions of floating orbs just like this one.  Almost like spherical jellyfish floating in a slightly iridescent sea.  These were the higher dimensional energy fields of the planets, stars and galaxies.  It was very hypnotic. 

Lastly, as I focused back into my body, I could see and feel all of the subatomic particles that were swiftly rotating through my own core essence energy field before it started to retract back to a smaller size, as our fields all do eventually.  Was it just my imagination, or did it feel like my body was dissolving?

It is my sense that this dissolving is what ascension will look and feel like.  Many are now calling this process “incension” instead, because it is strictly an “inside job”.  Ha!  Can you get a feel for what would happen if your physical body and all of your 4D energy bodies were to rotate into the portal in the center of your core essence and just disappear?  Almost like your chest caving in on itself.  Hard to imagine, isn’t it?  I guess we won’t really know until it happens, but if we incend, we won’t be coming back to talk about it.  Maybe your neighbor will just disappear in front of you one day.  And maybe you will follow him on the spot! 

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