November 17, 2013

Conscious Presence

I have just returned from my latest workshop at the Monroe Institute entitled Conscious Presence.  What a wonderful week it was.  The weather for the most part was sunny and dry, and the group that gathered for the class was very harmonious and easy to be around.  And unusually quiet, too.  The preliminary steps for creating the Quantum Sphere Healing workshop for TMI have been taken and I will announce progress as it occurs. 

It is interesting that I have taken 2 workshops at TMI that have showcased the SAM (Spatial Angle Modulation™) technology, and they have been very different from each other.  The Explorer Imperative workshop was taught by Skip Atwater of remote viewing fame, and was packed full of information, science, and heavily guided meditations in addition to the version of SAM that he developed.  The Conscious Presence workshop was much more laid back with minimal teachings and mostly free flow exercises with the newest version of SAM called SAM 2.0.  Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine approaches.  My hope is that a balance between the two is found that will provide the best of both classes.

The SAM technology entrains one’s brain waves to the gamma state, which connects one to the “everywhere and everywhen” of the quantum field.  All can be seen and experienced, and intent has great power.  I used the exercises to deepen and broaden issues and experiences that I had already set in motion.  There was much self examination of personality issues, letting go of what no longer served, healing of relationships, and embracing who I am becoming.  Gratitude and appreciation for all I have and all I am played an important role in the week's exercises, too.  Of course, anyone can do this at any time, but with the support of the SAM vibrations, a retreat setting and a harmonious group of fellow seekers, it is so much easier.  Check out the TMI store for some great ambient nature sounds, guided meditations and music with SAM in the background.

We also had a nice presentation from Skip one evening.  He retired from TMI about a year ago and was able to spend an evening with us talking about remote viewing.  He touched on a topic that I have written about before, about how our future informs our present.  We are all entangled with our future selves.   What I gleaned from his presentation is that we all need to have a clear and definite image of what our future self is like, and then make decisions in the now that are in alignment with that image.  The energy from that future self then informs our present.  Do not create things now that need many steps to happen with the hope that it will all evolve into what we may vaguely want in the future.  Be definite.  I have already started to put that into practice.  Cool!!!

In the next post I will write more about some of my experiences from the past week and use another photo of one of the magical crystals from the TMI campus.  Until then.

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