July 3, 2013


We are currently in drought conditions here in the southwest.  Our area is lucky in that we have had no major wildfires so far this season.  Other parts of Colorado and the southwest have not been so lucky.  The annual monsoon is just starting up, and I thought I’d do some experimenting in the quantum field to bring in some rain.

When you enter the quantum field, you are in the “everywhere and everywhen” of all that exists.  In other words, you can access any energetic pattern that exists.  This is what I do when I go into the Quantum Sphere to do healing work.  I thought, if it works for healing, why not for changing the weather.  Keep in mind that I am very aware of the problems that can occur if one tries to shift a big weather pattern, such as a hurricane.  One area may be spared destruction only to shift it to another locale.  When working with the weather, I limit myself to my immediate area. 

Here is a simplified version of what I have been doing for the past 5 days or so.  I lie down and get comfortable, making sure that there will be no distractions.  Next, I expand my core essence until I perceive a shift in the energy around me.  This puts me right into gamma and the quantum field.  It is important to spend enough time with this step and don’t rush it.  If during this process you feel that you have dropped out of this space, simply stop and re-expand your core essence.

Next, I contact that aspect of myself that resides in a dry waterless environment.  What is interesting here is that I don’t always end up in southwest Colorado in real time.  It is my distinct impression that I have also tapped into past lives where I live in desert-like surroundings.  That makes sense because in the quantum field, you can access everything all at once! 

At this point, I start to shift the energy.  I do not create a shift in the dryness around me.  Instead, I shift myself internally to reflect the sense that I am now in a rainy environment.  I feel rain falling on me and then actually become the rain.  I now am the rain.  I take the time to feel this to its fullest and also to feel the gratitude and appreciation that goes along with welcoming this state. 

Finally, I expand this internal rainy state to encompass my geographical area, and hold this energetic shift for a bit.  I let it go without expectation and come back to a waking conscious state. 

This is an example of making changes by being the change, not doing the change.  The universe will reflect back to you your version of reality, so the internal beingness will result in a shift in how the universe sees you, and the external change will eventually manifest.  Consider, too, that the higher your vibration, the bigger and more encompassing is your arena of influence.   

The process I described here can be used on any internal and therefore external shift that you wish to make.  More than one application of effort may be necessary to achieve results, and you may see gradual and not sudden changes.  I encourage you to play around with this and see what happens.

How this will shift our drought remains to be seen.  We are having more rain in the mountains and some brief sprinkles down where I live, so there is hope.  New Mexico and some parts of Colorado east of here have had rain this week.  I will continue my efforts, but there is no scientific way to tell if that is having an effect.  It’s just fun to go through the process!

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