May 27, 2013


For some time now I have been very interested in tracking entities that feed off of negative reactions in the physical or emotional bodies that are triggered by substances that we eat, drink or smoke.  In these categories are alcohol, drugs, either legal or illegal, and a whole host of addictive foods.  Prescription drugs fall into these categories because they all have side effects that the body reacts to and that can be quite damaging.   One does not even need to have an addiction to the substance for a reaction to occur, although it is to the advantage of the associated entity for an addiction to be in place.  

There is a whole host of reactions that one needs to pay attention to.  The list seems almost endless!  Some examples are any physical body distress such as digestive issues, any new aches or pains, headache, nausea, dizziness to name a few.  What about energetic symptoms like feelings of being ungrounded or out of the body, blacking out, anxiety, cravings, unusual emotional reactions like anger, fatigue, lethargy or crankiness.

My definition of an entity is a being that is parasitical and that siphons energy from its host.   Entities fall into several categories.  This could be an attached earth bound spirit that wants to satisfy its addiction to drugs or alcohol through its living host, and will do its best to make the host crave what it wants.  Certainly extraterrestrials that are manipulating mankind for their gain and our loss fall into the entity category.  There are many entities that have never had a human form, and are sucking energy from us to use either as their own food, or passing the extracted energy up line to a being higher in the pecking order.  That is, by the way, the reason why I do not engage in network marketing, as these companies are all using this model whether they realize it or not. 

Substances that create reactions in the body all have an entity that takes advantage of the reaction either by being directly attached to the physical body or attached to the patterning of the substance.  I must emphasize here that each person will have a reaction according to their genetic inherited patterns, frequency of exposure to the substance, and the contracts that they came into this lifetime to fulfill.  The contracts could be with the entities themselves or a soul contract to experience the particular addiction or the body’s reaction to the substance.  It varies so much.  The main point to remember is that this dynamic is designed to throw one off their center, thus enabling the parasitical behavior by the entity to take place. 

I’d like to talk about 2 substances that I have tracked specifically.  Gluten and sugar.  These 2 food ingredients have had a major impact on the health of the human body that seems to have gotten much worse in recent years.  All aspects of life are accelerating and the reactions to these foods are no exception.  The negative reactions seem to be more concentrated and amplified.  

When I tracked gluten, I was taken back to a time when wild wheat was starting to be domesticated through genetic selection. The part of the world that I traveled to looked like Eastern Europe or Russia.  Humanity was making the shift from hunter gatherers to living in agricultural communities.  It is my sense that the quality of our food started to go downhill at that point, even though it was a necessary step in supporting a growing population.  An entity took advantage of the manipulation of the wheat and hooked in, perhaps knowing that its influence would take thousands of years to come to full power.  What had been a staple of nutrition for many cultures has now become a toxic substance for those with that affinity.

Years ago, I looked into the issue of sugar addiction, and tracked that one back to the energy of slavery.  This is a much newer entity attachment than the wheat issue, but it is much stronger.  Look at our predisposition to be enslaved by food, relationships, habits, money, beliefs, where we live, how we live, etc.  It is also hard nowadays to find any kind of processed food that does not contain sugar!  I am speaking specifically of cane sugar.  Beet sugar may or may not fall into this category as far as entities are concerned, as it has a totally different origin than cane sugar. 

What to do about all of this?  I will leave it up to each individual to decide.  Partake with your awareness activated, and minimize or eliminate exposure according to your reactions.  The entities that are using your reactions to the substances are not going to go away but we can “starve” them of their food. Your goal is to maintain your balance and hang onto all of your own energy.  

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