May 13, 2013

Gratitude and Appreciation

We have been experiencing a very unusual weather pattern here in SW Colorado for at least a week now.  It feels more like the annual monsoon, which normally does not start until the beginning of July.  The days start out clear and sunny.  Then the clouds roll in after noon, sometimes bringing much needed rain.  It has snowed in the mountains, which will give us extra water in our reservoirs.  Spring was very dusty and windy this year, and the added precipitation is helping to clean the air.  Each time I am out hiking, taking a walk or even doing yard work, I feel the joy of the plants and animals as they are birthing, growing and blooming after a very cold winter.  Nature is singing and the countryside is greening up.  I am grateful to be here.

This brings me to the title of this post.  One cannot help but feel gratitude and appreciation for all that the Earth Mother has provided for us.  I use these 2 terms interchangeably, but there are slight differences.  Feel free to use whichever one resonates with you the most.

Feeling appreciation for each and every aspect and event of your life is essential for the health of the body, the psyche and the spiritual path.  I do mean everything here, and not just the perceived positives of your experiences.  Remembering that since you formulated a plan before you incarnated, even the most horrific events were created by you and should be honored and appreciated for the experience that they provided.  This can be tough if you don’t take this particular viewpoint.  I think you will find that life runs along more smoothly and you will not get stuck as often if you are grateful for whatever comes your way. 

Gratitude and appreciation are feelings, not thoughts in the mind, so the body should have a reaction when you are working with these attitudes.  A great place to do this is when you are out in nature and away from the distractions of every day life. Start with recalling a person, place, or event that generates these feelings and then really embody the gratitude or appreciation, feeling your body sensations shift at the same time.   Most likely, you will feel a warmth and a welling up in your chest.  You might even label this sensation “love”.  as you sit or walk along, appreciate every tree, flower, or critter that you encounter.  This is easy, as nature is benign and easy to appreciate! 

These sensations can then be transferred over to other people or situations, whether they are problematic for you or not.  The native people call this walking the “Beauty Way”, as you go through your day regarding all as truly beautiful in your eyes.  Others will feel this energy emanating from you and will respond positively in kind.  Animals will feel this, too.  Negativity will shift as you honor these aspects of your personal plan. 

I like to use the attitude of gratitude or appreciation when I am expanding my core essence.  To do this, first start with the basic core expansion exercise.  As you continue to expand your core, feel either gratitude or appreciation, whichever resonates with you, and hold it while you expand past your physical body.  You will find that your whole core essence will be filled with a higher dimensional energy.  The process will be smoother, easier and more expansive in addition to feeling really good!  If you have been struggling with expanding your core essence, adding gratitude or appreciation to the mix will make things a lot easier. 

The next time you are having a particularly difficult interaction with someone, stop and take a moment to appreciate them for the learning experience that they are sharing with you.  Feel the feeling, whether you say something or not.  I guarantee that your interaction will shift for the better. 

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