March 2, 2013

The Day After

Even though I needed more sleep to make up for the all-nighter, I woke up at 6 AM on the morning of the 13th with incoming information bursting out of me.  If I had gone back to sleep, this information might have been lost, so I sat up in bed and started writing.  This is what I received.

I took a look at the waves of energy that were still hitting us.  These pulsations will hit us in phases as time goes on, and also continue to get stronger and closer together.  The waves will facilitate the breaking up of our energy fields, and also those of the earth.  Right now we are at the leading edge of this phenomenon.  Eventually, chaos will reign inside and out as structures break down.  I sensed that this energy was and still is coming from our Milky Way Galaxy, to and through our Sun, and on to planet Earth. 

Beyond the flow of the pulses or waves is a great glowing orb, portal or stargate.  Within this opening is the combined light of our Higher Selves calling us home.  The flow from this opening is intersecting with the wages from our Sun and Milky Way to facilitate our transformation.  The combination of these 2 energies will eventually create the alchemical transformation of humanity and planet Earth.  Go with the flow and allow it to happen.  IT WILL HAPPEN.  Resistance is futile.  If you resist, it will make you sick.  You may get sick anyway.  Just ride it out.  Earth will go into chaos, but you will be fine.  Allow your 5 D Higher Self to call you home so that you can remember and link with your eternal essence. 

I then received the personal information that I had gotten several times before, and that may apply to everyone who is ascending.  How do I know that the process has started?  My various human energy fields will start to wobble, jiggle, and separate.  In other words, break up.  Going back to the macrocosm and the microcosm, I am assuming that our planet will go through the same process.  These fields are mostly 4th dimensional, and have to go if we are to merge with our 5 D Higher Self. 

More information. Ascension is the merging with the 5 D Higher Self.  Anything less will not do.  Beware of traps and distractions that will keep you focused in 4D.  These are designed to prevent you from ascending.  These traps come from the synthetic realities and the godhead that created them all.  I am reminded of what seems to me to be a trap.  The idea that we will ascend to a 4th dimensional earth that is a paradise.  I hear this a lot.  At this time, I am not sure if this is a false earth creation in some synthetic reality, or an intermediate stage we will go through on the way to 5 D.  Is this an organic path, or a synthetic one?  I am sure that the answer will be revealed in due time.  That is why it is important to slow down and take time to tune in and receive.  

We flew back to Cairo on the 14th, and passed the Great Pyramid on the way to our hotel for our last evening in town.  Something was still going on there, and we got a huge energetic download.  It looked and felt to me like the many blocks of stone that made up the pyramid had turned into stacked up cubes of light.  These cubes were alternately ejected outwards and drawn back in as if the whole pyramid was breathing out and then in.  Was this its version of the breaking up process?  At that moment, could our bodies be doing the same thing?  At some point in the future, would we also be doing this? 


  1. Carla, Thank you for sharing your experiences and message. I am curious to know the difference between 4-d and 5-d? I have an understanding of the higher self in general, however I am not sure what 4-d refers to. Is that just an expansion of consciousness or intuitive/'6th sense' ability? Anyhow, it is funny, because I am very early on my spiritual path, and just in the month of March I had begun to feel very strongly connected to my higher self, as if she were urging me to let go of what doesn't serve. Look forward to talking more about this!

  2. In a nutshell, 4D holds all of the patterning for our 3D world and more. Barbara Hand Clow gives a great explanation in her book "Alchemy of Nine Dimensions". 4D also has polarity and duality, linear time, and is the home to all beings who do not currently have a body. Then there is a barrier or void before we hit 5D, where the consciousness is spherical, there is no time or space, and is where our Higher Self resides. When we ascend, we merge with that aspect of our consciousness.