February 25, 2013

Luxor Temple

After visiting many of the other sites around the Luxor area, our group finished our time there with a nighttime visit to Luxor Temple.  The whole temple is lit up at night, which enhances the magic and mystery that can be felt at every turn.  What a perfect way to complete our travels along the Nile.

We made our way through the temple from the entryway, through the expansive public areas of huge columns, and into smaller and closer spaces back to the sacred sanctuary.  There, we gathered in a circle for a short meditation.  Once again, our tour director Julie worked her magic to make sure that we had the space all to ourselves.  The temple was full of people, yet none of them interrupted us.  A guard approached.  I was facing his direction and could tell that he was angry with our appropriation of the room, but he couldn’t bring himself to enter our sacred space.  I found out later that Julie had put up an energetic barrier to insulate our group from intrusions.  On top of that, the lights of the whole temple went totally out for about a minute while we were meditating. Coincidence? 

When we were finished and we exited the sanctuary, he blew his top at Julie.  Apparently, once again, we were doing something that groups normally pay for and book well ahead of time.  Oh well, c’est la vie! 

We had some free time before getting back to our hotel, and I spent mine wandering a bit before sitting on a stone ledge in the central hall, or the heart center of the temple. I could feel my own heart expand as I watched the people wander in and out.  So mellow and so nice.  It was the frosting on the cake of our visit to Luxor. 


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