October 9, 2020

Psychic Perceptions


I have been reading a book by Joe McMoneagle entitled “Mind Trek.   Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing”.  Joe was one of the original, and probably the best, members of the Army’s remote viewing team, project Stargate.  At one time, he was also billed as the world’s greatest psychic.  His personal story is fascinating.  This book is currently out of print, but there are plenty of used copies out there to be had. 

One of his recommendations is to keep a notebook where you write down all of the psychic impressions that come to you during the day.  And he means everything!  These can include dreams, coincidences and synchronicities, symbols, subtle inklings, messages from your meditations, and hidden messages that you pick up regarding your interactions with other people.  If you engage in any activity where your psychic impressions are useful, like energy healing or remote viewing, this would certainly be a valuable practice for you.  I have only been doing this for a few days, and have found that my dream state has become more lucid and dynamic.  My aim for also writing these perceptions down is to enhance my remote viewing skills.  Once your subconscious is alerted that you are open to receiving this kind of information, it will send you more! 

In the mean time, please enjoy my photos of the fall colors from my hike today on the Spring Creek Canyon trail.  


  1. You make my day! With this post.!!!
    Thank you very much my dear :)

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm reading Ingo Swann's Guide to Natural ESP and I really am enjoying it. Peace to you Carla.

    1. Hope you are doing well!!! So nice to hear from you, Stefanie.

  3. I am doing well. I am in a similar space to the one you described in August - the null zone. I still am not doing sound healing sessions as my 92 year old father is living with me. I am exploring and being open to the next moment of movement. It looks like you are enjoying Utah and as always your photos are gorgeous. Take care.

  4. Gorgeous pictures, Carla. Happy you are doing well!

  5. Thanks, Terri! Blessings to you, and Happy Fall.