February 4, 2020

Reminders of Iceland

Today, after several inches of snow fell yesterday, we are in the deep freeze, with the AM temperature bottoming out at 6 degrees!  Fortunately, the past weekend was warm and balmy ahead of the cold front.  On Sunday, I hiked with a Meet Up group of ladies in La Verkin, which is in between Cedar City and St. George.   The hike started by going down a slope to walk along La Verkin Creek.  Most of SW Utah  has been volcanically active in the past, and old lava fields and cinder cones are common on the landscape.  This area was no exception.  I was immediately reminded of the volcanic landscape that I saw on my trip to Iceland last July.  It was very similar, and brought me right back to that unique and wonderful country.  Also, for me, the energy of lava is so primitive.  It takes me right to the heart of Mother Earth.   Below are some photos.

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