February 1, 2020

No Regrets

Last month, a new acquaintance asked me if I had any regrets about making my move here to Utah.   That question took me aback, since regret is not something that I have partaken of in many years.  I had to pause for a moment before I answered “no”. 

Such a simple question provided much food for thought, hence the topic for this blog post.  As usual, I am writing to you as if all of you are on an evolutionary spiritual path, and not one of the uninformed masses that constitute the bulk of humanity.  Because of that, I make certain assumptions as far as your spiritual path goes.  I also assume that many of you, if not all of you, are intending to have this lifetime be your last one stuck in the earthly 4D matrix. 

A spiritual path entails putting one foot in front of the other with each situation that arises, doing the best you can with the tools that you have, and not generating any new “karma” as you go through life.  On the other hand, we each were born with a loosely defined mission and plan that was decided by us before our birth.  If we trust that each and every situation comes our way because we have planned it that way, and that we are responding according to that plan to the best of our ability, and that no matter how things turn out, we can have no regrets.  Even the most horrific incident is no accident.  We must trust that in each and every moment, we are exactly where we are supposed to be! 

At this point, I love to paraphrase George Kavassilas.  He always recommends that you ask yourself “Why have I chosen this experience, and what do I expect to learn from it.”  Notice that this phrase indicates that you take full responsibility for each and every experience that you have.  That is the purpose of living a spiritual life! 

So it is not about following this or that teacher, or jumping onto any one else’s bandwagon, be it political, spiritual, environmental, etc.  Be the ultimate observer of your world, and at the same time, continue to monitor all of your inner responses.  If you know yourself completely, it is easy to make decisions and corrections as need be.  Ultimately, you may end up in the same place no matter what you do! 

As you can tell, I have no regrets about making this drastic move, as I knew that I was following my plan.  So far, everything has turned out marvelously. 

On a lighter note, yesterday I hiked with a ladies only Meet Up group on the Snow Canyon overlook trail.  If you look at the photo below, Snow Canyon is actually at the foot of the red rock cliffs in the background.  There is also a road down there where you can drive much closer to the red rocks. 

We were looking for “Jones Bones”.  He is lying beside the trail at the top. 

Throughout the years, hikers have created him, and apparently, his skeleton was originally made up of animal bones.  We suspected that the animals referred to in the warning sign carried off those bones, hence the need for plastic ones.  Just kidding! 

More photos of the hike. 

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