February 10, 2020

Melting Through the Mesh

I have been going to a meditation group here most Sundays as my schedule allows.  It is a nice group of people, with some non practicing Mormons among them.  It has also been a good way to learn about what goes on in Cedar City, in addition to meeting a great computer repair man.  On the down side, I am under the radar so far with my beliefs, the work with George Kavassilas, and having no chakras.  This is pretty much a New Age group who are unenlightened as to how our world really works on the multidimensional levels. 

Nevertheless, it is great to get together with somewhat like minded individuals every week.  The group leader leads a meditation, and the group energy always comes together nicely.  Since these people all still have their chakras, occasionally, the meditation deals with clearing and healing the chakras.  What do I do in those cases?

Taking advantage of the expanded group energy field, I go on my own journey!  During the meditation this past Sunday, as I expanded outwards, I encountered a blue mesh barrier.  The image above is an approximation.  I have encountered many similar barriers in the past.  This is just an example of how the matrix has barricaded planet earth so that it would be harder for us to expand and transcend this patterning.  And escape!!!

During my journey, I just traveled and allowed something to happen.  As I approached this blue mesh, a spot in front of me started to melt and distort, eventually opening up in a circular fashion.  What does this mean?  My interpretation is that if we have enough escape velocity and “heat” in the form of an elevated vibration, we can transcend and pass through any barrier. 

Bottom line, if it feels right, you can participate in group meditations that may not completely align with your spiritual philosophy.   You can use the elevated group energy to propel yourself forward.  Do your own thing! 


  1. Thank you for your post, Carla! I'm chuckling at its timing. For years, I have attended gong meditation and sound immersion meditations at a local Reiki studio. Before and after the ceremonies, I sit silently from a distance and observe the other attendees (all friends from their Reiki teacher training) chit chat. I have never added my own commentary or beliefs to their discussions, since it often conflicts. Well, two weeks ago I felt differently. The topic of that night's ceremony, karmic healing, relied heavily on cutting cords linked from our chakras to an external attachment. During the guided meditation, I just did my own quantum energy exchange. I felt a palpable shift, despite not following the teacher's chakra-oriented instructions. After the ceremony ended, I went up and hugged the teacher and (finally - yippee!) shared with her that I had no chakras but that her ceremony was still very powerful for me. I expressed my gratitude. She warmly told me to always follow my own internal guidance (Yes!) and that if I ever decided to "return to a loving space", I could. In other words, I could re-implant my chakras. (No Way!). I smiled and left the studio feeling autonomous and peaceful. Thank you for the guidance over the years and the validation in your post today!!

  2. Hi Lindsay!!! Thanks so much for your comment. I firmly believe that as we continue to raise our vibration and expand, what is going on around us has less and less of an effect, including other's spiritual practice. So many people have a fear based mentality about what others around us are doing, and it is not necessary. Following your example, I plan on "coming out" to my meditation group soon. Lots of love to you, and I am happy that you are doing so well!

  3. Can someone explain to me this no chakra thing. do you dismantle them, or do we not have them to begin with. Please help? I am new to this blog and have found it to be exactly what i have been searching for. Much thanks in advance

  4. If you would please type "chakra" into the tiny box at the top left of this page, all of my posts on the chakra system will come up. If you read all of those, you will be informed. Then, if you have additional questions, post them here.