February 28, 2020

A New Take on "Intention"

For a good many years now, so much has been made of the process of having an intent or creating an intention, especially in the metaphysical or spiritual realms.  I have made much use of this process, too, and have spoken of it at length to my students and clients.  Basically, it involves having an idea and a vision of what it is that you intend, and then giving it a big shot of emotional energy as rocket fuel before you release it into the cosmos.  So it is much more than thinking or visualizing what it is that you would like to manifest. 

Now, I am starting to rethink my whole philosophy around “intending”.  As I have mentioned in other posts, I am speaking to those of you who are reading this as humans who are on a spiritual evolutionary path, and thus open to moving outside of the box that most of humanity uses as their framework for life. 

Let’s start with a few basic premises.  Our path in life has been mapped out by our higher aspects before we are born.  At least the basic framework and big life events are predetermined.  Life is a process.  There are no goals!  What is the process?  It involves, even for those who are spiritually minded, putting one foot in front of the other, day by day, making your mistakes and learning from them.  By doing this, you create the tools you will need for your next steps. 

The ultimate goal is to get on the path that has been laid out for you.  You will know that this is happening when your body starts to feel more and more comfortable as you go along.  Your body is a barometer and BS meter.  It will let you know when you are off!  Eventually, your life purpose will be revealed to you.  So, look at the difference between making your path and finding your path.  What I am talking about here is finding your path. 

Now, let’s get back to intention.  If you remember that infamous movie, “The Secret”, where you were told that all you needed to do was to set a strong intent, and you could have anything that you wanted.  I would like to propose that all of that intending was generated by a fundamental sense of lack, limitation, and poverty consciousness.  It was not meant to help an individual find and get on their predetermined path through life.  This also reminds me of the issue of prayer.  Most of that is done from the same standpoint.  Wanting something that you feel you are missing.  Begging out of neediness. 

What to do about all of this?  I find that going through your day with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, no matter what is going on or what you are experiencing helps smooth the way and keep you on the right track.  This attitude does not leave any room for lack and limitation at all, so there is nothing to intend for!   

I also like to say “teach me, show me, guide me”.  This sends the message to your Higher Aspects that you are willing to receive assistance in the form of intuition, helpful people, synchronicities, or possibly dreams.  Of course, this means that you also have to go through your day in an undistracted state and paying attention to what comes your way.  This can be hard for many, and that is another discussion altogether. 

So, the next time you pray for something, intent for something, or even repeat affirmations over and over, really examine what is generating that sense of lack, limitation, or feeling that something is missing from your life.  Do your best to process that issue.  I would also recommend my book “Traversing the Infinite Now”, which is full of helpful and easy ways to work your way through any difficulty. 

Above and below are photos from yesterday’s hike.  Enjoy! 

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