December 4, 2019

The Market

Things have slowed down here a bit with the move, so I finally have a chance to write about my October/November trip to Oaxaca, Mexico.  This was not a spiritually oriented trip per se, although I always felt into the energy of every location that we visited.  Especially at the archaeological ruins in the Oaxaca Valley. 

Our hotel was right in the center of the old part of town, which was also the center of the “Day of the Dead” action.  Between shopping at the street vendors during the day, and experiencing the party atmosphere at night, there was a lot to do and see.  I also have to mention that the Archaeological Conservancy put on a really nice trip.  Of course, as with any trip, there are some odd personalities and wacky behavior, but this was at a minimum on this trip.  As I have mentioned regarding other trips I have taken, especially the spiritual, sacred site and megalithic trips, for some reason, people feel entitled to act up and act out whenever they feel like it.  Not so here. 

On our first full day, we walked over to the local market to have a look around.  As it is with many third world countries, there are no shopping malls, so all the goods are sold in stores up and down the street in addition to stalls set up on the street.  These are set up in common areas according to the service or goods being sold.  There are areas where every store sells shoes, or household goods, food or clothing, etc, and areas where all of the beauty salons or barber shops are located.  Fruit and vegetable markets abound, and street food is being cooked out in the open.  Must be the Mexican version of fast food! 

We passed all of this on our way to the main market, where everything under the sun was sold.  Below are some photos. 

 Deep fried crickets of all sizes.
 Belts and hats.
 Nuts and snack food.
 Dried chilies.
 Meats, above and below photos.
 Fried shrimp and fish.

 Copal for burning on all of the Day of the Dead altars.

 Ice for ?????

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