November 12, 2019


It has been a very long time since I posted  here.  Life has been going at top speed since my last post of at least 6 weeks ago.  Bottom line, I am in the process of moving to Cedar City, Utah.  I took a trip over on October 6th, put a bid in on a house on October 10th, closed on November 8th, in addition to selling my house here to the first person who looked at it.  I had been thinking about downsizing my house and property here, and after my visit to Cedar City in August to study with Paul Smith, I knew that that was where I wanted to go.

So I have been sorting, giving away, throwing out, or selling my possessions ever since in preparation for the move.  Everything has gone quickly and amazingly well.  I even found a good home for my outdoor cat, Snowflake.  That was miraculous in itself!

How did this start?  Before leaving for Utah in early October, I took a trip to my local sacred mountain, Hesperus Peak, and left a medicine bundle thanking the spirit of the apu for being my guardian and protector since 2003, and releasing him from that obligation.  Then, the day after I drove over to Cedar City and before I looked at any houses, I drove up to the top of their local mountain, Brian Head, and placed another medicine bundle asking for that apu spirit to be my new guardian.  I also requested that that spirit help me find a house so that I could move before winter set in.   The above photo was taken at the top of Brian Head at the elevation of 11,300 feet.  I was looking down on the ski resort.

Also in between all of this, I traveled down to Oaxaca, Mexico for an archaeological and cultural trip.  That was fantastic, and I hope to post some of my photos. 

The movers come on November 18th, and I leave the Cortez area the day after.  I do not know when I can post again, but as soon as I am fairly well settled, the posts should start up.  Below is a photo of Cedar Breaks National Monument from the top of Brian Head. 


  1. Wishing you all the best in your new location. We moved to Castlemaine in Victoria (from Melbourne) because we just knew we wanted to be there. It has really good energy there, despite having been pillaged due to huge gold deposits. Sometimes I feel we're there to contribute to healing of the land.
    What was in the medicine bundles that you left on the guardian mountains?

  2. Hello Marie--Yes, one should be free to go to where one is guided! As for the bundles, they contained all white ingredients for the spirit of the mountains. Sugar, rice, white beans, white candies, 2 candles and a small crystal. It is the intent, not necessarily the ingredients, that counts. Also the direct connection with the spirit of the Apu. Brian Head is a very powerful one.