August 26, 2019

More on My Trip

I’ll write a little bit about the trip today, and perhaps more about my CRV training after this.  It actually took me an hour longer to drive over to Cedar City, Utah on the 18th than it did coming back a week later.  My route out took me through, Kayenta AZ, Page AZ, and Kanab UT.  Page is the home of the Glen Canyon Dam, which was built as a power plant, and created Lake Powell.  After stopping for some lunch and to gas up, I spent some time at the dam’s visitor center.  Below are some photos.

Past Kanab, the road is a 2 lane winding affair through the mountains and over to my destination.  Just north of Kanab is the nationally known Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  I’ve passed it many times, but never had the time to actually visit.  I also passed the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, which I have visited several times.  You can search this blog for photos of previous visits. 

Now to Cedar City.  The trip took about 7.5 hours, which was perfect, since I couldn’t check in to my hotel until 4 PM.  It is a very neat and well put together town of about 33,000 people.  The climate is very similar to where I now live, being warm and dry in the summer, and with sometimes a lot of snow in the winter.  It is the home to Southern Utah University, and also the Utah Shakespeare Festival that puts on 4 plays a day all through the summer months.  After Paul Smith retired from the Army after 20 years, he and his wife lived in Austin, TX for 17 years before moving to this lovely spot.  The next time I come for CRV training, I will explore the area more. 

The course was pretty intense, so Paul included 2 field trips to give everyone a break and some time to decompress.  Our first outing on Wednesday was to the Parowan Gap, which was northwest of town.  It is a big gap in a mountain caused by an ancient river. 

 We went there to expand our senses and connect with nature, and also to enjoy some fabulous rock art. 

Our Friday field trip was to the Cedar Breaks National Monument, which is up at 10,000 feet in elevation.  What a magical and colorful place!  Even though we had a lot of work yet to do once we were back in the classroom later that day, it felt like getting a big reward for all of our hard work. 

I decided to take another route home, which was a bit longer but an hour shorter.  The route took me north from Cedar City to I-70, and through a gorgeous part of the mountains of SW Utah.  East on I-70 and then south through Moab, which is where Arches National Park and Canyonlands are located. I had no problems with fatigue at the end of the trip.  Probably still on a high from the events of the whole week.

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