July 31, 2019


Iceland has a vast abundance of water in the form of lakes, streams, ice caps and glaciers.   The streams run very full and fast, and many hydroelectric power plants have been built to take advantage of that.  In fact, 70% of the electricity produced in the country is hydroelectric. 

Waterfalls.  They are everywhere, large and small, from dribbles to deluges. 

 Below is a waterfall in a garden like setting in the highlands.
Note the basalt columns here. 
Another lovely one.
Our group visited this waterfall on our last day in Iceland, and actually walked behind it. Imagine yourself standing near the waterfall pictured below.  Feel the spray on your face and body.   Hear the roar of the water.  Take a deep breath and embody the clarity and power.   Be refreshed! 

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