February 6, 2019

Caesarean Births

This is a topic that I have been very interested in for quite a number of years now.  That is, the popularity of Caesarean births.   Years ago, I rarely had a client who was born this way.  Now, as the years have gone by, it is so common, that I have to ask every new client if this was the case for their birth.  Just asking if there were any birth complications is not enough, since most people do not think of this manner of birth as a complication!  I am also getting second generation C-section clients, and if I live long enough, will probably see them in the 3rd generations, too!

So what is the big deal?  First of all, I am not talking about Caesarean births as an emergency medical procedure.  Those have been going on almost as long as humans have been on this planet, and in times past, almost always resulted in the death of the mother and perhaps the child, too.  I am talking about the shift in the medical establishment that has caused this to be the preferred method of birth for a variety of reasons.  It is either a trend, or for some mysterious reason, women’s bodies have become incapable of delivering their own young, which I highly doubt. 

When I was a child, the trend was to remove tonsils.  If there was any sign of chronic ear infections or sore throats, out they came.  I had mine removed, and never had an ear infection after that.  Of course, antibiotics were not widely used back then, either.  Now, it is rare for me to have a client who has had their tonsils removed. 

Getting back to the Caesarean births, here are the problems as I have experienced them with my clients.  For us as humans to have the energetic patterns to effectively make our way through life, we need to be imprinted with the push, relax, and push again patterns of mom’s labor.  This enables us to move forward and persevere, no matter what.  C-section people don’t have this patterning, so they generally float their way through life quite often unmotivated and goalless.  Because they are removed from mom’s womb suddenly and without the “warning” from the process of labor, a lot of these babies literally go into shock because of the sudden emergence.  Imagine suddenly going from a safe warm enclosed environment to a bright, chilly and possible loud place.  I would suspect that there is a higher incidence of soul loss at birth because of this. 

Depending on how the surgery is done, there may be no bonding with mom.  If baby is taken away before that brief bio-chemical-hormonal moment occurs, it can never be recovered.  So the result is a person that has difficulties bonding with others in addition to having difficulties making that all important inner connection. 

Another complication with the Caesarean birth is that one is usually born without a grounding cord.  This also happens when there is a medical complication of any kind at birth.  The patterning for being intimately connected to our Earth Mother gets passed along to the new born baby if everything about the birth is normal and natural without any medical complications.  If this does not happen at birth, the result is a person who may be floating through life, ungrounded, without drive or goals.  Does this describe your life as a c-section baby?

What can you do if you are in this situation?   I always say that if there are issues with the birth mother, it translates to issues with the Earth Mother.  Grounding and firmly connecting to the center of the planet, her heart core, should be your first priority.  Perform your grounding exercise daily.  Being firmly anchored to the planet is necessary for you to progress with any endeavor.  I also have to mention that if one is not grounded, I would consider them to be out of their body most of the time.  With this kind of situation, a person’s health usually suffers. 

Another helpful practice would be connecting with your inner child every day.  Once that relationship is healed, you will have successfully bonded with your inner self.  That will take you a long way to repairing the lack if bonding with mother from your birth.

So in a sense, you are starting from square one as if you are just now being born. It’s never too late.  Embracing yourself and embracing the Earth Mother on a deep intimate level are the keys to healing any residual damage from a Caesarean birth.


  1. I have been thinking about Caesarian births recently from another aspect. I was reading Bruce Moen's 3rd book about his experiences during a Monroe Institute programme where he was told about 'The Big Clock' (which is our physical universe and probably more) and the links with Astrology. He gave an example of a pre-incarnate human arranging in advance to 'meet up' with other souls when on the earth for a pre-arranged plan. In his example he suggested that if a person wishes to incarnate as having a big ego, they would form the incoming soul from the 'higher self' experiences and personalities as having those traits, but also it would choose to be born during a certain alignment of the planets, sun etc in order to maximise that personality.

    It made me wonder what happens if we intervene with this choice of birth time? Two of my 4 children were 'late' and one of them was induced artificially. It took a few attempts to persuade her to be born - and I have started to wonder if the medical establishment has unwittingly upset her pre-life plan? It also occurred to me that, as the 3rd of my children, when her dad and I tried to plan her birth, it took a couple of months for me to get pregnant, whereas the first 2 children were really not planned (!) at all. When she was born, she was in no way showing signs of being 'overcooked' and would no doubt have initiated labour herself when the time was right.

  2. PS She wasn't born by Caesarean section, fortunately, but it still got me thinking about the timing of birth

  3. Wonderful comments/questions! If we acknowledge that there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mistakes, and that everything happens according to some sort of plan, that puts what you have written into perspective. What may appear to be an unplanned medical intervention, an "accidental" pregnancy, or even a baby that appears to be not too eager to be born, and there are plenty of those, are all a part of the collaboration between baby and mother. The two of you have created your plan, in spite of what may appear to be random or distressing. So in light of what I have written about the caesarean births, that must be a part of some plan, too. What that is, I don't know.

  4. The medical system may surely have their reasons to disempower natural women but there surely must be something else going on. More empaths are born breach which would necessitate a caesarian birth. I just wonder if its what would be needed on Mother Earth at this time.