January 20, 2019


This morning our launching group had our monthly event here at my house.  After a lively discussion, which I may write about later, we got down to business.  Before we did our actual launch, I told the group about the current difficulties I was having with a professional associate.  Let’s call her Jane.  Jane is extremely scattered, overloaded with work, and out of her body most of the time.  That affects her work on an ongoing basis.  That in turn affects my understanding and absorption of what she is teaching.  I have had to go outside of the teachings to other available resources to fill in the blanks, and so far, I am OK with that.  Nevertheless, it is an ongoing source of irritation to me.  I also feel that I have been thrown off my center a bit with the whole situation. 

My intent for my launch was to recover my center and once again source from my core and greater self.  As soon as I was launched by the group, I found myself drifting upwards towards a very large energy formation that looked like a rainbow colored amoeba that was constantly shifting and swirling.  It was quite beautiful! 

When I entered and merged with that swirling energetic form, wouldn’t you know it, there was Jane!  At this point, I assumed that I was at my monad level, which means that if she was there, that our souls are related to each other within that particular monad.  Distant cousins so to speak.  That was the connection, and perhaps why I am bothered more that perhaps someone else would be with what was going on.  When I encountered her within that colorful swirling mass, she was in a panic, frantic, clearly cracked or damaged, and hanging on to me and sucking my energy.  Now, the sucking was not evident in our 3D interactions, but it is interesting to see that something like that can occur at higher levels of our personal energetic upline. 

I also detected a consciousness “above” me that was observing the action.  I surrendered to that higher aspect and asked for some sort of healing or resolution.  What happened next was a surprise.  Jane’s energy field actually merged with mine, and I absorbed her into myself.  Not something that you would expect considering the situation!  Somehow, I was able to heal her damage.  Jane then individuated away from me in much better condition, and went on her merry way as a much more autonomous being. 

My journey was not yet done, as I found myself in the 9th dimensional center of our Milky Way Galaxy.  This is where our Universal Light Seed is installed as a part of our commitment to drop further down in dimensions to experience all of the realms that have been birthed by this Great Mother.  My seed looked like a bronze colored tear drop, and it had a tiny “ding” in its side.  When or where this happened, I do not know, but I have not felt entirely solid since coming back from my trip to Turkey and Lebanon this past October.  Something energetic must have happened there that threw me off of my center.  Perhaps the big energy at Gobekli Tepe?  Maybe it was when I traveled through the portal in the Cygnus constellation to another universe, and did not fully come back.  BTW—being able to go through portals and not leave a piece of myself over there is an ongoing work in progress. 

So my seed was repaired and reinstalled, and as I started the journey back into my body, my time was up and the group was calling me back.  There are a few interesting points to mention here.   Even though I did not use resolving my issues with Jane as the intent for my journey, it did show up anyway.  We need to trust that our higher aspect, or Greater Self, is in charge of us at all times.  Now, will there be any noticeable change in the situation?  I don’t know, and the best is always to let go of any expectation that anything different will happen. 

Another point to mention is that we are all entangled with others on many levels, even though we may not realize it.  Certainly, if there is an issue with another person, there is either big karma or a distorted soul connection or both.  Work through those issues as best you can, with grace and understanding. 

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