August 5, 2018

How Did We End Up This Way?

Just a few hours ago, this Sunday morning, our launching group met for our monthly get together.  There was a lot of catching up to do, as a lot had transpired in the last month.  It seems like big changes are afoot for not only us, but many other people as well.  All is in flux, and it is a good rule of thumb to anticipate a wonderful outcome as a result.

As most of my friends, clients and students are very much spiritually like minded, I often forget about the teeming masses out there who haven’t got a clue.  This was especially evident during my hiking trip of several weeks ago with a group of very nice but spiritually unaware ladies.  Not that everyone has to believe the same way I do, but it is nice to have some common ground for conversation’s sake. 

So the intent that I chose for my launch was “How did we end up this way?”.  In other words, how did we humans, as spirit having a temporary experience in a physical world, lose sight of this fact?  How did we get so disconnected from our own spiritual nature? 

My first launch was more of a fact finding mission.  This is what I perceived.  Our earth is surrounded by what looks like a black mesh sphere.  This sphere was not installed all at once, but built up in thickness over time, perhaps many thousands of years.  It reminded me of the Van Allen radiation belt that surrounds the earth.  I also believe that this black mesh sphere is of extraterrestrial origin, hence the prison planet concept.  It was created so slowly that no one realized what was happening.  It serves to disconnect us from our spiritual origins.  Talk about a nearly impenetrable obstacle! 

As I looked at the masses of humanity, I saw that most human hearts are surrounded by a much smaller version of this black sphere, and most people are wearing a very large inverted bowl floating slightly above their heads.  Thus, our hearts and heads have been severed from our spiritual connection.  We are on a planet of the walking dead, doomed to keep repeating the same old stuff over and over. 

I then tuned into our sun and the heart core of our planet.  It turns out that this black sphere is not only keeping us encapsulated here, but it is blocking out a lot of the sun’s life giving energy.  The earth needs this energy for her evolution, and we do, too.  Perhaps this is why a good part of what some call climate change is being driven by the warming of the oceans via the sea floor.  This could be our earth mother’s attempt to energetically expand. 

For my second launch, I asked for a solution to all of this.  Of course, not everyone on this planet is entrapped in this way.  There is a tiny minority who are connecting to spirit and holding a higher vibrational space for those around them.  So there is always an option for anyone, which is to keep going within, expanding their Core Essence, and creating a firm and lasting connection to the earth core via their grounding cord.  Unfortunately, people have to experience some form of awakening first!  I have written many times before about the splitting of the world into 2 energetic earths.  This is definitely happening. 

This second journey led me to a place outside of our universe and into the multiverse.  The consciousness that holds the many universes together into what we call the multiverse is capable of sending a very strong and powerful beam of energy all the way to our planet to break up and dissolve this black mesh sphere.  Sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it?  Do you realize the disruption that this would cause?  To be hit by a beam of energy from outside of our universe?  Is this what wiped out the dinosaurs to make room for the evolution of the mammal kingdoms?  How about the natural disaster that occurred about 13,000 years ago that wiped out all of the large mammals that roamed the earth, not to mention a good percentage of the humans that were living here at that time?  This could easily happen again. 

So what I did at this point was to firmly connect with that force that holds the universes together, brought that energy into my body, and expanded it for our launching group and also outwards.  Those of us who are awakened and aware may have to do the energetic heavy lifting for the rest of the planet, but it would be much better for people to wake up and do it for themselves. 

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