July 1, 2018

Are You Prepared?

It is the way of human life on earth.  Eventually, we will all drop our physical form and move on.  But move on to what?  And to where?  Up until now, very few if any humans have gotten off of the wheel of reincarnation.  We have been going round and round, and for myself, I am done with that merry-go-round. 

But exiting from that entrapment involves more than a belief that you can.  It is a matter of clarity, high vibration, being aware and awake at the moment of death, and knowing where you are going.  The ancient Egyptians and the Tibetan Buddhists both spent their whole lifetimes preparing for this most important moment. It cannot be left to chance! 

Please join me for “Journeys Beyond the Physical”, which is a workshop that will prepare you for your final transition. You will learn shamanic journeying, and also the Shamanic Death Rite process.  Do you have dear friends or loved ones who have passed and may need your assistance?  Did they die suffering?  Was it sudden?  Were they on morphine at the end?  In these cases, most likely, they are stuck and are still suffering on the other side.  All of you who are reading this have parents who have already passed, or certainly will be in the future.  The greatest gift that you can give them is to assist them on the other side and relieve them of any suffering. 

I am still registering students for either upcoming workshop date.  These are September 7-9, or September 28-30.  For more information, please go to my previous post here. If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch with me at Quantumstargate@aol.com. 

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